Thursday, January 10, 2013

1/9/13 NXT

Tom Phillips and William Regal doing the announcing this week. Jim Ross joins for the main event.

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan vs. Yoshi Tatsu & Percy Watson: Yes, Yoshi Tatsu and Percy Watson are still employed. Bray Wyatt tells his two big bearded guys into battle and goes to sit in a rocking chair. Rowan's the redbeard and Harper the blackbeard. Reminds me when Drew Hankinson (Luke Gallows) had the Festus gimmick. Yoshi hits his big kick but misses the spinning wheel kick from the top. Big splash by Harper and a discus clothesline get three. Wyatt is pleased. *1/4

Paige vs. Emma: Two international divas without first names. Emma is from Australia and does some weird stuff with her hands coming to the ring. What kind of dance is that?! Paige (from England) is over with the crowd; still waiting to see her called up to the main roster. Emma works on Paige's knee. Match was short as usual, but probably better than most of the divas matches you'd see on RAW or Smackdown. "Paige Turner" finisher abruptly gets three. 3/4*

Bo Dallas & Michael McGillicutty vs. Primo & Epico: Pairing Bo and McGillicutty could work out for MM, if only to get him some in-ring action and show the world what he can really do. Bo gets beaten down before MM gets the tag. Good tag work from the Puerto Rican tandem throughout the match. Primo hits the Backstabber on MM to get three. **

Big E Langston vs. Seth Rollins (No DQ; NXT Title): Rollins now fully in Shield gimmick. Woohoo, Langston doesn't talk here! Saxton does the main event intros. Rollins attempts to ground Langston, probably the best strategy. Took only two minutes for Ambrose and Reigns to show up. Langston still with the comeback against Rollins with big knees and an avalanche. Gang attack on Langston, so the entire NXT locker room comes down to get Ambrose and Reigns outta there. Looks like 15-on-2. Dusty Rhodes probably sent them. Rollins is beside himself. Blockbuster on Langston for two. Rollins tries again, but Langston with a nice counter into his modified cutter finisher for three. New champ! Langston with the most emotion he's ever shown on WWE TV. The locker room empties to celebrate with Langston. So apparently the guy does have feelings. Good for Big E. The title looks good around his waist. **

I think at this time, I have mixed feelings on WWE giving Langston the title. On the plus side, he's over with the NXT crowd and has the look. But the guy can't cut a promo on his own. I dunno if that's actually a fact or if he's just booked that way. Having someone speak for him could work. Otherwise, I hope it's a lot of physical statements made and not a lot of talking.

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