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1/10/13 Impact

Before recapping the show, I just wanted to say I am very happy that TNA decided to cut down to just four live PPVs a year. Should save them a ton of money. They're not in WWE's league, and frankly, I doubt there will be any promotion that will get to that level. I still say TNA shoulda stuck with highlighting more of that X-Division style. It doesn't have to be the only thing, but it should have a prominent spot. Having Knockouts with wrestling experience (and the time to put on decent matches here and there) is also a good thing.

Sting, Kurt Angle, and Samoa Joe to the ring, and the fans respond favorably. Sting calls Angle "shooter" and Joe "killer." And we can't forget the black bat. Angle also wants to expose someone else. I didn't even notice Anderson WAS out there last week; he just did nothing. Angle wants to know which side Anderson's on. Anderson lists a couple times he got backstabbed or thrown to the side in favor of someone else. Angle says Anderson's either with them or not. Anderson said he never liked Angle, so Angle takes that as a no. Best for Anderson if he joins Aces & Eights because he's probably getting lost in the shuffle again otherwise.

More than one Gut Check contestant tonight. We first see Jay Bradley. From Chicago, says he is a hard worker and saw a bunch of people he trained with become the best.

Brooke Hogan's in the building to talk with her dad on national TV. Cue facepalm.

Kenny King vs. Zema Ion: This is the second semifinal to see who faces Christian York in the finals at Genesis. The winner of the finals faces RVD later in the PPV. These two are really heels but it doesn't matter to me when they do the acrobatic stuff. King's Royal Flush countered into a rollup for two. Ion with a suplex that puts King on his head. OW. Still only two. King finally hits the Royal Flush for three. Fairly short match here. King immediately on the mic to say he'll be the next X-Division champ. *3/4

Robbie E continues to strike out. Mixed tag with Jesse and Tara, so Robbie needs a Knockout to tag with. Tessmacher says no, but will agree if Rob Terry is her partner. Must be good to be the sidekick/bouncer.

Joseph Park's training is complete and he's out of breath just walking to the arena. He'll be talking with Hulk Hogan tonight to compete as a wrestler. Door's locked. Oops.

Rob Terry & Miss Tessmacher vs. Jesse & Tara: And Robbie E is out of luck again. Rob Terry really won the internet on that Bro-Off. Jesse is not a small man, and he looks like a shrimp next to Terry. Terry with a giant powerbomb on Jesse and it's over. 1/2*

It's time for Rob Terry to entertain! Dirty Dancing segment with Tessmacher. Sealed with a kiss. Fans loved it. I think Mr. Terry has landed a more permanent on-screen role. Sucks to be Robbie E. Bro.

Second Gut Check contestant is Brian Cage. From California. Wrestling's all he wants to do, and he wants to prove he's gonna get it done. So we learn that he and Jay Bradley will square off. The winner doesn't necessarily get a contract; they BOTH go in front of the judges next week and maybe a contract gets awarded.

Jay Bradley vs. Brian Cage: Borash with the quick intros and we're off. Both are good-sized, usually the standard model for a pro wrestler. Mostly basic moves between the two. Fans still into it, though. Cage stands on the second rope and suplexes Bradley from the apron back in the ring. Nice move to show strength, don't really see anyone doing that one. Cage with a good diving elbow off the top for two. Bradley manages to hit his Boomstick lariat to get three. Still looked to me like Cage had the better showing, but we'll see what the judges think next week. *1/2

Anderson's pissed and wants to talk with Aces & Eights. VP first addresses that Mike Knox (who got unmasked last week) must earn his spot back tonight like Doc did weeks ago.

Joseph Park promo in the ring. Yeah, passing the bar exam is difficult, I know. Can't imagine what wrestling training is like. Hulk Hogan to the ring. Park gets his wish and gets a match with Aces & Eights. Park's elated, like he passed another bar exam.

Now it's the matter between the Hogan family. Let's air grievances again in public! Brooke just wants to know if Mark (Bully Ray) will be reinstated. Fans want Bully. Hulk's quick answer is no. Cue the waterworks.

Austin Aries & Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy & James Storm: Aries and Roode are trying to one-up each other even on ring attire. Hell, it took five minutes just for all four guys to get to the damn ring. Tension early on the heel side. Nice tights, Austin. Hardy and Storm in control early. Hardy beaten down but Storm gets the hot tag. Storm neckbreaker on Roode; Aries breaks up the pin but elbow drops Roode instead. Codebreaker (Closing Time) to Aries. Daniels and Kaz distraction. Storm sends Kaz into the steps. Storm and Daniels brawl on outside. Hardy Twist of Fate stunner to Roode. Aries decks Hardy with the title and the ref finally calls for the DQ. Hardy brought both of his title belts to the ring so Aries and Roode fight over hoisting those. **1/2

Brooke on the phone with Bully Ray. Bully seems like he wants to come to the arena anyway. Not a good idea...

Chavo/Hernandez and Joey/Morgan are brawling in the locker room. Tag title match this Sunday.

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson: Anderson's stubble reminds me of HBK during the "lost smile" stuff. Angle isn't in the mood for games and orders Anderson in. Mike Knox comes through the crowd and hits Angle with that ball-peen hammer a couple times to the back. Anderson just looks on. Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco come down a bit too late. Angle twitching to really sell a bad back injury. Angle's carted off on a stretcher. N/A

Sting's in the ring and wants A&E. Mike Knox gets in the ring and we have a match.

Sting vs. Mike Knox: Announcers don't refer to him as Mike Knox, but I will. It stays physical throughout. Knox hard into the ring steps twice. Sting no-sells a splash in the corner and hulks up. Scorpion Death Drop gets three. *1/2

One hammer shot from Sting to Knox. Devon on the mic. A&E has Brooke Hogan. Devon tells Sting to stay there of  they will hurt Brooke. Bully rushes down the ramp with his chain and saves Brooke. Hulk to the ring and he is still pissed at Bully. Hulk basically blames Bully for putting Brooke in harm's way. Bully says Hulk's crazy and now talking BS to Sting. Bully says he thought he'd never love anything more than pro wrestling until he met Brooke.

AND WE HAVE THE OL' WEDDING PROPOSAL! Hulk's stunned and pissed at the same time. Brooke says yes. Wedding ceremony next week on Impact. How's that for an Impact coming off a PPV?

As a note, these wedding ceremonies almost always never turn out good. Could be A&E crashing the party, Hulk can crash the party. Both can happen. We'll see.

Quick predictions for Sunday's Genesis PPV -- and I'll likely be wrong on at least half:

There's a Knockouts Gauntlet match between Gail Kim, ODB, Tessmacher, Mickie James, and Velvet Sky. Could be a way for Velvet to finally get her title shot.

The X-Division finals could seriously go either way, but I'd pick Christian York to face RVD. It's a good way for York or King to get a title reign because RVD doesn't need the title. RVD's a great person to work with, though, so the title match should be great regardless.

Joseph Park should win over Devon. If A&E gets involved, I'd look for Angle, Joe, and Sting to be lurking.

I think Daniels will probably win over Storm by cheating

Sting probably wins over Doc

I think Hardy should retain in the triple threat, especially with Aries and Roode bickering all the time. I have no clue how well an Aries and Roode feud does for TV ratings, but at least TNA won't have to deal with as many PPVs.

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