Sunday, January 27, 2013

1/25/13 Smackdown

Team Hell No to the ring to start Smackdown. We had a hugfest on RAW for sure. Kane says they'll defeat Team Rhodes Scholars (YES) and retain their tag titles (YES) and then go win the Royal Rumble (YE...what?!) So now Daniel Bryan's also in the Royal Rumble, like that's any surprise. Vintage Team Hell No disagreement. Show breaks it all up and says he's guaranteeing a world title win at the Rumble against Alberto Del Rio. Show claims ADR stole the title from him. Team Hell No's not leaving. Rhodes Scholars to the ring. Don't put the cart before the goat! Sandow proposes an alliance with Big Show, so Del Rio comes down to even the sides up. And it only took Booker T about 10 minutes to get to the ring to "officially" make this six-man tag! Rhodes Scholars bails and ADR avoids an attack from Show. A few kissy faces from ADR to Show. Aw. After all, Valentine's Day is coming soon!

Rock advertised for this show.

Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett: Basically a rematch of the Beat the Clock match on RAW. Can always count on these two getting very physical. Sheamus with that slingshot shoulder tackle to Barrett to start a comeback. Side kick from Barrett countered into a Sheamus rollup for two. Never had an English-born World champ in WWE yet? Interesting. Barrett connects with that thrust kick to Sheamus' face for two. Cloverleaf countered into a rollup for two. White Noise to Barrett. Brogue Kick to Barrett and it's over. **3/4

Renee Young (Renee Paquette) is also doing these WWE World Tour Reports. Yeah, more of her, please.

Natalya vs. Rosa Mendes: Great, now Natalya lost her Hart Foundation music to Great Khali's theme? The world's ending. Khali, Hornswoggle, Primo, and Epico are all at ringside, so we can expect more confrontational stuff. Khali's useless on commentary, and Primo and Epico had to teach Rosa Mendes how to get to the ropes on a submission attempt. Rosa dances in the ring. I don't think she taught her Puerto Rican friends how to do that one. Hornswoggle gives it a go. Facepalm moment! Natalya gets Rosa in the Sharpshooter and it's over. DUD

CM Punk to the ring. Day #432 as WWE champion. He's only afraid of his own potential. Heyman reads a letter stating that if the Shield interferes during the WWE Title match, Punk gets stripped of the championship. Punk says Vince wants to steal the title from him. Punk decides to call the Shield out. Shield comes through the crowd and circles the ring. Punk says if the Shield stands for justice and fights injustice, they would stay out of Sunday's match because it would be the biggest injustice to lose for that reason. Shield leaves. Punk says everyone's inferior to him -- true greatness.

Rock's music hits and the Sacramento crowd goes NUTSO. Serious Rock promo this time saying Punk's reign is gonna be over in two days.

Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre: Air guitar and a bandana won't save McIntyre this week. About a minute in, Jinder enters the ring and the ref, just on that, just calls for the bell. RKO to Jinder. Hangman's DDT to McIntyre. RKO to Slater. RKO to McIntyre. And that's how WWE kills two minutes. Goodbye, hairband. N/A

Miz vs. Darren Young: Cesaro on commentary. Titus really never a factor, but Miz kicked him anyway. SCF countered, but Miz wins with the figure four in front of Cesaro. Probably two minutes again. Boo. N/A

Royal Rumble stats shown again.

Alberto Del Rio & Team Hell No vs. Big Show & Team Rhodes Scholars (Elimination): JBL wants a personal ring announcer as well. I don't blame him. ADR now gets to show more of the lucha stuff as a face, and the fans love it. Faces all get good offense early on. Kane runs into the Show KO punch on the outside and gets counted out. During the commercial, Sandow got eliminated. Show works on DB. KO punch to DB sends him to the floor for another countout. Show clearly making a statement for the Last Man Standing match on Sunday. Chokeslam to ADR and Del Rio to the outside. ADR back in at 9. ADR with a superkick to send Show to the floor. Show gets counted out! Down to Cody and ADR, so it'll be a much faster pace. Cody to his knees, and side thrust kick (like Barrett) gets two. ADR with the running enzuigiri in the corner for three and the win. **1/2

Show spears ADR after the match. Show does some housekeeping around the announce table. KO punch to ADR. Show with the appropriate revenge by rolling the announce table over ADR. Show counts to 10. Massive heat for Show.

Of course I'm picking ADR to retain again at the Rumble. They'll find another way to have Show stay down for 10. It should hopefully lead to Ziggler cashing MITB in on ADR at WM 29. Hoping for the full match, honestly (instead of the usual cashing it in while the guy's down). Might as well steal the show on the grandest stage in a kickass match, right?

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