Thursday, January 10, 2013

1/9/13 Main Event

Cole and Miz announcing. Featured match tonight is Sheamus and Ziggler. Promos and video packages for both guys to hype things. Langston FAILS at getting the words out but Josh Mathews runs away anyway. Ziggler and AJ Lee approve. So that'll be Langston's gimmick: A tough guy who stutters a lot but it's OK because if you actually call him out on it to his face, you'll be put six feet under.

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler: Have I mentioned how jealous I am of Ziggler because he gets to make out with AJ Lee? Simply put, the match was awesome. Back-and-forth action; lots of counters and high-impact moves. Sheamus with his signature moves but Ziggler still with some kickass counters. Sheamus battering ram countered into a facebuster. Cloverleaf on Ziggler, but Ziggler to the ropes. Great spot late in the match with Sheamus skinning the cat to the top for his battering ram, but Ziggler scales the ropes and hits a DDT. Rocker dropper countered, battering ram from Sheamus gets two. AJ seriously concerned. Brogue Kick signaled and crowd really popping. Brogue Kick misses, but Sheamus ducks a Ziggler superkick and counters with the Brogue! Ziggler rolls out of the ring, though. Ref's counting and doesn't break the count when Sheamus rolls out. Langston slowly comes over. Sheamus gets back in the ring at the last second and is the winner by countout. Match went about 23 minutes. If they ended with a solid pinfall or submission finish, I'd have given it at least four stars. ***3/4

Sheamus wants Langston to get in the ring. Langston teases it, then backs off.

Most Facebook "likes" for WWE superstars. Not surprisingly, Cena also tops that list at over 14 million, nearly doubling second place (held by The Rock). Mysterio, Undertaker, and HHH round out the top five. HHH has 5.4 million "likes." Zack Ryder won't be able to complain here; he only has about 406,500 "likes" as of the morning of January 10.

We see the Punk/Rock segment that ended RAW. Gave WWE immediate good news (first time WWE had a stronger third hour than the first two hours) and should result in some lucrative months for the company. Still love the Punk pipebombs every time.

Wade Barrett vs. Zack Ryder: Are you serious, bro? Miz says Ryder made a music video called "Ho-ski" (a "tribute" to Eve Torres). Cole has to remind us he "won" a dance contest in WWE. Barrett controls most of the match. Barrett lures Ryder into a Bossman slam for two. Ryder neckbreaker actually got a close near fall. Broski Boot gets two. Rough Ryder countered. Barrett rolls up the elbow pad to expose the red pad underneath. Bullhammer time! It hits and Barrett wins. Frankly, it was a better match than Zack will probably get if he stays a face. **

Featured match next week is Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro. Loved Main Event this week. Check it out if you can.

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