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1/17/13 Impact (Bully/Brooke Wedding)

The Impact Zone is decorated with wedding stuff for the Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan wedding. Bully's in the back with his tux. HEY, IT'S SPIKE DUDLEY! Tommy Dreamer is also there. Brooke has some of the Knockouts as her bridesmaids (Tessmacher, Mickie James, Christy Hemme). Sounds about right.

Jeff Hardy to the ring. He's still the champ after the triple threat at Genesis. Daniels and Kaz interrupt his promo. Daniels stepping up to the plate to challenge Hardy next week for the title. Daniels is the Thursday Night Delight? We've heard similar stuff to describe John Morrison before. 2-on-1 assault on Hardy. Storm with the save and we got a tag match.

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs. Jeff Hardy & James Storm: Hardy and Storm on a roll early, but you gotta appreciate Bad Influence's tag team chemistry. Typical heel moves from bad Influence to maintain control. Hardy gets the hot tag, so Daniels acts scared and tags Kaz in. Storm takes care of Daniels. Slingshot splash to the outside from Storm, but he appears to tweak his knee. Kaz tries to steal one with a rollup, but Hardy kicks out and a quick Twist of Fate gets three. Daniels attacks Hardy from behind after the match, and with Storm still out of the picture, Daniels hits Angel's Wings on Hardy on the title belt. **1/4

Spike apparently still reeks of booze and strippers. He must live a great life. Joseph Park also stops by to wish Bully well. An attorney possessing cigars that aren't street-legal. Ha.

It's Gut Check time to see who gets the contract. Brian Cage and Jay Bradley come down from last week. Prichard says it was one of the better Gut Check matches they've had, and I agree. Prichard then praises Cage for his physique and ring performance, but eliminates him. Jay Bradley faces the judges. Taz quickly says no; he was probably on Cage's side for the in-ring performance. Borash gives Bradley the mic to "kick out." Confident promo from Bradley, which I liked. Al Snow says yes because he has the talent and skill, plus Bradley connected with the crowd. The crowd is clearly telling the judges to say no. Prichard milks the suspense and says yes. Jay Bradley gets his contract. I would have said no to Bradley after last week's match, but I now like the decision based on the crowd reaction. Bradley has a good look, a named finisher, and decent mic skills. High hopes for him as a heel.

Christian York vs. Kenny King: A rematch of the X-Division Tournament Finals at Genesis. King attacked York after losing that match, so York wastes no time getting to Kenny this week. York displays a very aggressive side here. Looked like York was gonna use King's finisher. King counters into a rollup and he gets three while holding the tights. *1/2

Bully pleads with Sting to talk to Hulk Hogan. Bully wants Brooke happy, and that means Hulk must walk Brooke down the aisle. Meanwhile, Aries and Roode sound like they're gonna crash the wedding with objections. Hulk Hogan is spotted in the parking lot. No comment from Hulk regarding the wedding. Bully's third groomsman arrives: Taz wearing a tux.

Sting to the ring. He wants Hulk to come to the ring to talk, so HH does. Plain and simple, HH says he will never trust Bully Ray because he calls it like he sees it -- and Hulk doesn't see any good from this. Hulk told that he should walk Brooke down the aisle for himself and his daughter. Crowd telling Hogan to just do it. Hogan says he always does the right thing (brother) and leaves.

As expected, Gail Kim gripes to Taryn Terrell about the controversial finish to the Knockouts match at Genesis. Gail got her rematch from Brooke Hogan anyway. Another #1 contenders match.

Footage of Bully Ray's bachelor party in NYC. Taz probably wishes he was there now.

Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim: I really like Velvet's catsuit ring attire. Botch when Gail tried to do a neckbreaker to Velvet, looked like Velvet's fault there (they redid the move properly). Gail controls most of the first half of this match. Gail hits Eat Defeat. Velvet gets her foot under the bottom rope and ref Taryn Terrell catches it this time. Gail gets in ref's face about it because of what happened at Genesis. Velvet now with the comeback. In Yo Face facebuster for Velvet gets the win. Knockouts roster may be thin, but these ladies can work. **

Dixie Carter gives her best wishes to Brooke Hogan.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode to the ring. Both do their usual heel promos to say they are the best and are the ones making the company worth anything. Aries and Roode think the champions of TNA right now are a joke and then object to the wedding. Chavo and Hernandez come out. They object as well -- to Aries and Roode. Aries and Roode are calling them Mexican wedding caterers? Ow. But hey, I want a quesadilla as well! Brawl's on! Aries and Roode bail.

Sting and Hulk talk in the office. Hulk's just been trying to keep Brooke from bad people all her life. Sting again trying to convince Hulk that maybe Brooke just sees something in Bully that Hulk can't. Has the business blinded Hulk? Hulk again just tells Sting he always does the right thing for the business and for his family.

It's time for the wedding. The ropes have been removed and the ring has become the altar. Can I have some of that wedding cake? Bully comes down all smiling in a tux. Bridesmaids and groomsmen next. Tommy Dreamer and Miss Tessmacher, then Spike Dudley and Mickie James, then Taz and Christy Hemme.

Brooke Hogan in a beautiful wedding gown. No Hulk to be seen as Brooke looks behind her a couple times. Crowd cheers as Hulk comes from the side of the stage dressed in a tux. Crowd loudly chanting for Hulk to shake Bully's hand. No handshake, but Hulk does present Brooke to Bully. Preacher talks too much for me. Time for vows, both very heartwarming. No objections, which surprises me because that's usually where trouble begins. Now for the rings and the "I do" stuff. The "YES" chants have invaded TNA for the last few months. That goes as planned.

Taz interrupts. Didn't see that one coming. He takes off the jacket -- ACES & EIGHTS. AWESOME. A&E storms the ring and takes everyone out. Looked like the boobs popped out of Brooke's dress while getting restrained. Show ends.

Personally, I knew A&E would crash the party. I just didn't think they'd go with Taz. This might lead to Keneley and Tenay as just a two-man announcing team, which I'm fine with. Does this make Hulk trust Bully any more than before this episode? Could be argued that it worsens the chance of gaining trust because Bully and Taz have known each other for years, the link placing more distrust in Hulk's brain. I'm still waiting for the Brooke Hogan heel turn, probably a few months down the line. TNA shouldn't ruin Bully's babyface momentum with there being more reason for him to feud with A&E now.

Only three matches on the show tonight because of the wedding. Quality over quantity, I always say.

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