Friday, January 4, 2013

1/3/13 Impact

Borash in the ring with a trophy. Five finalists for 2012 TNA Wrestler of the Year are Bully Ray, James Storm, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, and Jeff Hardy. Aries and Roode both prematurely go down the ramp thinking they each won, but Hardy's announced as the winner. Considering the fans voted for this, it wasn't a surprise. Hardy thanked the fans and said the fan's votes mean just as much to him as the title. Roode and Aries cry foul. Ha, Aries says he averaged over four stars per PPV match as champ. Sounds about right. Hardy says triple threat at Genesis PPV. Roode and Aries attack Hardy. Aries decks Roode with the trophy on accident, and Hardy with a Twist of Fate to Aries.

James Storm vs. Kazarian: Daniels and Kaz make fun of Storm. Storm challenges one of them to a match. Both come out. Looks like Daniels was gonna go, but it's Kaz from behind. Typical heel tactics from Daniels and Kaz. Closing Time from Storm. Daniels on the apron, Storm knocks him off. Kaz misses Storm in the corner and flies right into a Last Call for three. *3/4

Devon still recruiting Mr. Anderson with more women. Where can I sign up? Doc wants to know if Anderson's helping them against Sting later. Anderson with a cryptic answer that Devon accepts as good news.

More video packages hyping Sting's return. Showed the Aces & Eights attack on Sting.

Doc to the ring and he wants Sting. Sting's black bat drops from the rafters, but no Sting. Doc's fired up. No Sting yet.

The year kicks off with a four-man X-Division Tournament to determine the #1 contender for RVD's title. First match tonight, second semi next week. The finals will be at Genesis, then the winner challenges RVD later on the PPV.

Christian York vs. Kid Kash: Kash can still fly after all these years. Quick pace, back-and-forth offense. Nice array of moves by York. York with a nice counter and a Mood Swing out of nowhere gets three. Crowd was somewhat into it, but I've seen more enthusiastic fans on other episodes. *3/4

Hernandez vs. Joey Ryan: Supposed to be the battle of the big men, but Morgan comes out in a sling and Joey Ryan faces Super Mex instead. Match never materialized. Morgan showed he wasn't injured after all and decks Hernandez with a discus clothesline. Morgan with a Carbon Footprint to Chavo. Ref calls for the bell. N/A

Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff offer to help Angle and Joe in the cage match tonight. Joe doesn't need anyone's help. Angle doesn't know where Sting is, so they should just focus on the match. Angle with a New Year's Resolution that he'll unmask all A&E members. I'd be willing to bet Garett and Wes both get unmasked as A&E members in the coming months.

Hulk Hogan to the ring. We saw a video package with what's gone on between Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan. Hulk calls Bully out. Bully comes out with Brooke. Hulk simply wants to know "why?" Bully says all the blame's on him for keeping the relationship a secret. Hulk says Bully "broke the code" and suspends Bully indefinitely without pay. Brooke is also basically thrown off TV. Awkward. Not sure if Bully has an injury or just requested time off.

Joseph Park training now going very well. Danny Davis now sees Park's heart and passion for the business. Why couldn't they just bring Abyss back...?

Tara & Gail Kim vs. Mickie James & Miss Tessmacher: Knockouts tag action tonight. Sorry, I'm not a fan of Tessmacher shaking her booty every single damn match. Not bad on the wrestling, thanks to Gail and Tara. Heel stuff done to isolate Tessmacher. Hot tag to Mickie finally. Tessmacher with a nice top-rope crossbody on to Tara and Jesse on the floor. Gail flies into the post, Mickie with her spike DDT for three. Good match. **1/4

I swear ODB got more tattoos in the last few weeks. Storyline now is that Eric Young's out of the hospital and recovering at home.

Hulk makes the triple threat World Title match official between Aries, Roode, and Hardy. It's also now an elimination match.

Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe vs. Aces & Eights: Devon and one of the big masked guys represent A&E tonight. Doc attacks Angle outside the cage and locks Joe in with the two A&E guys. Joe does a good job early on, but A&E eventually takes over. Angle kicks Doc in the nuts and gets in the cage. Angle goes after the mask on the big guy, but Doc slams the cage door in Angle's face. Angle cut on the forehead. Devon thrown into the cage. Angle Slam to the masked guy for three. **1/2

Doc storms the ring, then other A&E guys arrive for a gang beatdown. Sting marches to the ring without entrance music and hits all the A&E guys with the black bat.

The big masked A&E guy that wrestled in the match gets unmasked. As people predicted, it's Mike Knox, who had a stint in WWE a while back.

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