Saturday, January 5, 2013

1/4/13 Superstars

Usos vs. Primetime Players: Tag team action starts the show. You'd think people wouldn't dare try to headbutt a Polynesian person by now. Usos get the crowd into the match early on. Didn't know Striker got invited to the Usos for the holidays. Lovely. Jimmy (the one with the completed sleeve tattoo on the left arm) gets the hot tag in this match. Titus makes a blind tag but opts to do the "Millions of Dollars" dance with the ref while blowing a whistle. Usos do the switcheroo behind the ref's back. Superkick and splash get three. **

Punk segment from RAW detailing his knee injury. Vince says Punk competes if he's medically cleared, but if not, Ryback faces Punk. We'd find out a couple days later that Punk is  medically cleared for the TLC WWE Title match against Ryback on the first RAW of 2013. Still don't like Punk facing Ryback again when most of us are already focusing on Punk and Rock at the Rumble. They could still do a last-minute swerve where Punk fakes an injury "setback" while training (or equivalent). Going back to what Vince said this past Monday, Heyman would then be left to face Ryback. I'd have no problem with a short squash like that. Having Ryback squash Heyman also makes a more logical segway if WWE opts for Ryback and Lesnar to square off at WM 29.

We then see the 1-on-3 handicap match between Ryback and the Shield that never materialized. Orton and Sheamus came down to get their hands on the Shield.

Brodus Clay vs. Primo: Now the cousins are competing in singles action, even though the tag division has supposedly been rejuvenated. Poor Primo gets nuked here. I swear Brodus gets slower in the ring with each passing match. 1/2*

The show ends with the Ziggler and AJ Lee New Year's toast from RAW. Cena came out and it rained poo on the happy couple. Yeah, that stinks.

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