Thursday, January 24, 2013

1/23/13 Main Event

Sacramento hosts Main Event this week. Cole and Miz on commentary.

January means we get the usual video montage of Royal Rumble stats. Yay! Now up to 36 WWE Hall of Famers who have competed in Royal Rumbles. WWE notes HBK's eliminated 39 total people in the Rumble, while Kane is second with 35. Still, Kane should have a decent shot at beating the mark either this year or next -- probably next year, if anything. Expect someone like Ryback to be the guy tossing a ton of people out this year. Oh, and the percentage of Rumble winners who have gone on to win the title at WM is only 58%. Not looking so hot there. I'd rather have the MITB briefcase at that rate. You agree, Dolph Ziggler?

Matt Striker interviews Ryback and fails at cutting jokes. Ryback faces Cesaro tonight. Ryback says Swiss Miss will look like Swiss cheese. That was a joke. Haha.

Ryback vs. Antonio Cesaro: Cesaro with some jabs at Miz and Ryback before the match. Shame that Cesaro is relegated to defending the title on the Royal Rumble pre-show. Ryback's a caveman? Doesn't look like the Geico guy. Nothing fancy about Ryback's offense again, but Cesaro impressive. Nice Cobra Clutch on Ryback. Cesaro knocked to the outside and Miz tosses him back in. Cesaro tries to fight back but Ryback basically sets up for Shellshocked. Cesaro rolls out of the ring after the Meathook clothesline and scampers away for the countout loss. Sounds about right. *3/4

We see highlights of Shield beating up Rock on this past Monday's RAW, plus Del Rio's World Title win on Smackdown two weeks ago. Show said on RAW that the title match at the Royal Rumble will again be a Last Man Standing match.

Striker interviews Big Show. I don't envy Striker at all.

Usos vs. Rhodes Scholars: Tag match ends Main Event. The Usos are basically floundering in the tag division these days, so to me, that whole Siva Tau stuff isn't nearly as intimidating. Wonder who will be next to make fun of Cody's mustache? Guess it's Miz. Usos in control first, then Rhodes Scholars on offense. You know, the usual stuff. Longer tag match than usual. Jimmy gets the hot tag again this week. Usos setting up for the splash on Sandow, but Cody pulls Jimmy out of the ring and Sandow knocks Jey off the top. Sandow covers for three. **1/2

Next week, six superstars in a tournament to be #1 contender for Wade Barrett's IC Title. Three-week deal, so perhaps one match a week and then a triple threat final to see who faces Barrett?

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