Saturday, January 26, 2013

1/25/13 Superstars

Great Khali vs Epico: Khali invades Superstars. Lovely. Rosa can salsa dance all day if she wants. Epico does what everyone does against Khali: go after the legs. Figure he can also look like a madman throwing blows. Khali just shoves Epico away a few times. Punjabi Plunge ends things in less than 3 minutes, but still felt like 30. This was painful to watch. I feel dumber just writing about it. -*

Primo on the mic. He calls Epico practically unbeatable (HAHA) and he wants a match with Khali.

Great Khali vs. Primo: This has to be my worst nightmare: Khali in back-to-back matches. It's the same damn offense from Khali, which a freakin' 10-year-old could pull off. Epico continues to play dead on the outside of the ring. Primo actually gets Khali down, but Khali hits his overhand chop and "quickly" covers for the win. I frankly never saw Khali move that fast from finisher to pin before. Unreal that this was the first 10+ minutes of Superstars. DUD

We see the awesome Punk promo from RAW addressing Rock and Royal Rumble. Then it's John Cena's weird promo from RAW that promoted the PPV, plus the brawl ending Monday's show.

Kofi Kingston vs. JTG: Holy crap, JTG's still employed! I actually can't remember the last time he won a match on TV. Then again, when was the last time JTG won, period? That includes house shows. At least JTG had a couple minutes on offense, but Kofi eventually wins with Trouble in Paradise after about 4:30. *

Show ends with Heyman's RAW promo while Punk watches from the skybox. Rock then did his promo and the Shield beat the Brahma Bull down.

Basically a show filled with video packages to promote Royal Rumble. You know Superstars was not made for watching matches when Khali works two matches on the same show. Holy crap, this made me lose brain cells. If you missed Superstars or want to watch it, don't. Please don't.

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