Thursday, January 3, 2013

1/2/13 Main Event

Miz and Cole in the ring to promote tonight's matches. Featured bout is the U.S. Title match between Cesaro and Khali. I still can't believe Khali won that battle royal. Cesaro comes out and Miz has words for him. "U-S-A!" chants.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Great Khali (U.S. Title): Well, Khali isn't from the U.S., so that at least gave hope if WWE wants to run with the "No American will defeat Cesaro for the title" deal. Not sure why Natalya has to be the one with the crush on Khali. Cesaro attacks Khali's leg like almost everyone else has done. Still an unbearably slow match. Cesaro does his best here. Neutralizer on Khali is impressive as heck. Cesaro retains. Yeah, Khali wasn't winning anyway. *1/2

Cesaro with the heel promo saying he's superior to everyone else. He calls Miz out. Miz with the baldness joke to Cesaro and a babyface promo because he's the American here.

WWE promotes Rock for the first RAW of 2013 next week.

WWE doctors medically cleared Punk to compete on Monday's RAW. TLC match will go down next week, as of right now.

Kofi on commentary. Barrett, the new IC champ, comes out and says the title should be worn by someone with prestige, a real fighter, not an "overhyped gymnast" like Kofi. Barrett challenges anyone in the back to a non-title gauntlet match. Kofi gets to watch.

Wade Barrett Gauntlet Match: Yoshi Tatsu is first. He misses a kick and Barrett with a Bullhammer for three. JTG next. Yup, he's still employed. Kofi says he's a fighting champion, no regrets on facing Barrett on RAW. JTG misses the Mugshot and Barrett Bullhammer for three. Justin Gabriel is third on the gauntlet. He gives Barrett the most competition so far. Wasteland countered, but Barrett still gets the Bullhammer in again for three. Gee, I wonder who's last? Yup, it's Kofi! The so-called "element of surprise" again. Kofi with his signature moves and hits Trouble in Paradise for three. **

Kofi faces Barrett in an IC Title rematch on Smackdown.

Next week's promoted match for Main Event: Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler.

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