Thursday, January 17, 2013

1/16/13 Main Event

Main Event is in San Antonio. Miz and Cole on commentary, and we get right into the featured match of the night.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Randy Orton: As Cesaro comes out, we see the Miz TV RAW segment when Cesaro interrupted and Miz got to put the figure four on the U.S. champ. Mat wrestling to start. Fairly even early on, with both guys getting good offense in. Very physical throughout. Cesaro with the top-rope double axe handle and bow to taunt Miz. Cesaro with Michinoku Driver for two. Orton fights back and hits a superplex to Cesaro for two. Cesaro with a "sleeper," but it's really a reverse chinlock. Multiple Euro uppercuts, but then Orton fires back with his usual comeback moves. Crowd going nuts. Cesaro decks Orton with a toss-into-Euro uppercut for two. Awesome match so far. Orton with a dropkick, catching Cesaro coming off the second rope. Hangman's DDT hits. Cesaro out of the ring. Shield arrives! Miz in the ring to help Orton, but numbers game too much. Reigns spears Miz. Triple powerbomb to Orton. No contest for the match. Cesaro later picks the bones and hits a Neutralizer on Miz. ***1/4

Replay of Punk/Rock brawl from this past Monday on RAW.

Brad Maddox replaces Miz on commentary. Lovely.

Primetime Players vs. Usos: Maddox using Jim Ross' catchphrases and basically doing his best to be an obnoxious dude. Titus gets on the whistle to cry foul when Usos double-dropkick D-Young. One Uso with a crossbody to Titus on the outside, the other splashes D-Young in the ring to get three. Match was decent, but the Maddox/Cole crap took away from the experience. *3/4

Maddox bails early and Cole gets to look awkward when closing the show. Fun.

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