Saturday, December 8, 2012

12/7/12 Smackdown

Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan: *3/4

Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, & Drew McIntyre vs. Brodus Clay, Jimmy Uso, & Jey Uso: *

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett: **1/4

Great Khali & Hornswoggle vs. Primo & Epico: DUD (ugh)

Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio: ***1/4

Announcers say that Punk had minor surgery on his knee and won't be wrestling at the PPV. Lilian Garcia is back announcing after getting hit by a car a couple months ago.

Booker T in the ring for contract signing between Sheamus and Big Show. It's a chairs match. Video package of the feud the two have had. Booker T says no-contact clause until the PPV match, effective immediately. Both Sheamus and Show come out. Booker then tells Show that if he violates the no-contact clause, Show would be stripped of the title. Sheamus says his Christmas comes in nine days. Show can't wait because he believes he only needs to hit Sheamus once to win. Show shoves the table on Sheamus, then signs the contract. Guess there's a technicality that Show still hadn't signed the contract (or that he didn't actually touch Sheamus). I've been impressed by these two in this storyline. Quality matches. Hoping for more of that at TLC.

Sheamus gets Alberto Del Rio later tonight. Show gets Daniel Bryan now. Show slaps hard and DB kicks hard. Show works on DB's left arm. Shield comes down through the crowd. DB distracted, and Show with a chokeslam for three. Show leaves and Shield attacks DB. Kane arrives, but he too gets mugged. Kane through the announce table. Wow, table spot this early in the program?

Sandow still looking for an apprentice.Guy in glasses gets picked, could pass for Daivari's brother. And another failure. Miz comes out. Sandow apparently wears his dad's bathrobe and gets pink trunks from Victoria's Secret. Burn.

Brodus comes out with the Usos to face 3MB. So Brodus = Shrek + Aretha Franklin? Duly noted. Short match here. Drew hits the Future Shock for the three.

Barrett and Orton next. Kofi on commentary. Action to the outside, and Orton tosses Wade into the barricade. Barrett whips Orton into the steps. Typical Orton comeback moves. RKO blocked. WB tries to remove the turnbuckle but Kofi stops that. Orton RKO gets three.

Primo and Epico are former tag champs, and now they get to job to a 7-footer with horrible knees and a short guy with a leprechaun gimmick. Why?! Also a shame that Natalya is picked for the whole "I got a huge crush on Khali" storyline. Hornswoggle gets picked on, so he does the Warrior shaking ropes spot and runs away so Khali can do the damage. Tadpole splash gets three. Infinite facepalms.

Shield does their raw-looking, attitude-filled taped promos. Woohoo.

Cesaro in the ring. America is weak, he says. They all look like the American Dream. Dusty Rhodes, that is. Nice picture. R-Truth comes out for his spiel. Cesaro says Truth's delusional. You don't say? Brawl in the ring, Cesaro bails.

Sheamus and ADR next. Show comes out when ADR seizes control of the match. Del Rio, as usual, works on the left arm. Whoa, ADR did a moonsault! YES! Cross armbreaker on Sheamus while in the ropes. Sheamus comeback later on, but great ADR counters. Back and forth for the last few minutes. ADR moonsault again. Sheamus moves, but ADR lands on his feet. Irish Curse backbreaker and cloverleaf. ADR taps. Awesome.

Show comes to the ring and dares Sheamus to hit him. Sheamus motions for the Brogue Kick, then throws Ricardo into Show's nuts. No actual contact from Sheamus! Match is still on. End show.

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