Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12/18/12 Super Smackdown (Live)

Damien Sandow vs. Sin Cara: *1/2

Santino Marella vs. Tensai: *

Kofi Kingston, Kane, & Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett, Titus O'Neil, & Darren Young: **1/4

Ryback vs. Antonio Cesaro: *1/4

Eve Torres vs. Kaitlyn (Divas Title): *3/4

Brodus Clay vs. Brad Maddox: 1/2*

John Cena & Sheamus vs. Big Show & Dolph Ziggler: **

Commercial-free Smackdown!

Show goes right to Miz TV. Guests are Ziggler and AJ. Big E Langston also there. AJ kisses Ziggler. I am very jealous. AJ said Cena toyed with her heart and she lost her job to keep his good name clean. So those bows really were from AJ. AJ now knows Cena doesn't care about anyone but himself. Fans say AJ's crazy. Big E Langston is basically AJ's friend and doesn't like it when AJ is called "crazy." Ziggler kept his briefacse, stole the show, and stole Cena's girl. Miz says Ziggler's the sixth member of One Direction (current British boy band). Langston takes Miz out.

Long trying to persuade Booker to sign Brad Maddox. We'll know his opponent later.

Sandow faces Sin Cara. Cody at ringside. Rey's music plays, but no Mysterio. Hey, no Sin Cara lights this time! Not bad here, the usual fun Sin Cara offense. Shield comes through the crowd and tosses Mysterio's mask in the ring. Sandow hits Terminus off the distraction and gets three. Shield nukes Sin Cara after the match and attacks the right knee. Funny how we only learn AFTER Sin Cara's match that the Shield attacked Mysterio and injured the neck.

Tribute to the Troops airs tonight (12/19).

Tensai and Santino fight tonight because Santino made fun of Tensai at the Slammy awards presentation. JBL wins the internet with a Shockmaster reference. You can win awards for power walking skills? Santino slammed Tensai! Cobra hits right on Tensai's hard head, little effect. Tensai misses the senton and Santino covers for three.

Kofi and Team Hell No backstage. Daniel's still bitter about not winning a Slammy. Kofi has his. Kofi says Daniel got to hang out with Ric Flair and Flair's got the best catchphrase. NO! NO! NO! Awesome.

Barrett and Primetime Players face Kofi and Team Hell No. DB worked over, but tag to Kofi and he works on Barrett. D-Young distracts Kofi, though.Kane with the hot tag after that. Titus and D-Young go for some tandem 3-point stance move on Kane, but DB pulls Titus out of the ring. Chokeslam to D-Young gets three.

Cena talking with Sheamus in the locker room. Cena praises Langston as possibly the strongest guy he's been in the ring with. Bro secrets! Sheamus cringes. Cena's messin' with Sheamus. "But is it possible?!" Hey, we want to know! Or do we?

Punk promo. He's still pissed that he wasn't Superstar of the Year and says even Cena knows he wasn't supposed to win the award. Also pissed Cena gave the Slammy to Flair. Punk's a real man and the gold standard who doesn't lose in title fights. Ryback's coming out...oh crap. Ryback still has his guaranteed title match. WWE Title match between Punk and Ryback set for first RAW of 2013 (January 7).

Cesaro and Ryback next. More "GOLDBERG" chants. Cesaro tries to leave and Ryback stopped that. Cesaro shoved Ryback into the steps and goes for a countout win, no dice. Ryback offense is simple and effective. Meathook and Shellshocked end it.

AJ wishes Kaitlyn luck in her divas title match against Eve. Kaitlyn doesn't buy it and calls AJ a lunatic. Catfight! Where's Joey Styles when you need him?

Divas Title match next. Eve in control early. JBL wins the internet again taking shots at Michael Cole. Kaitlyn with several nice moves for near falls. Kaitlyn to the top, but Eve holds on to the ref and then takes him down to get intentionally DQ'd. Well that let all the air out of this one. The match was actually not bad.

Ziggler assuring AJ he'll be the future world champ. Enter Show, who will KO Ziggler far into next year if Dolph tries to set up Show and cash in MITB again tonight.

Brad Maddox to the ring. He's facing Brodus Clay tonight. Brodus dancing Gangnam Style = ugh. Simple match, Brodus wins with the splash. Shield come out to nuke Brodus.

Main event tag match next. Show toys with Cena and taunts Sheamus. Sheamus tags in and gets some shots in, but he gets worked on next. Sheamus counters the chokeslam and hot tag to Cena. Cena with the moves of doom to Ziggler. Sheamus takes Show out of the ring. Zigzag to Cena only gets two because it's Cena. AA from Cena. Big E Langston gets in the ring and nukes Cena again. Ref rings the bell. Vintage AJ skipping much like on RAW. Vintage makeout session with Ziggler and many guys around the world want to be in Ziggler's shoes. End show.

Again, Tribute to the Troops airs in a few hours. Should have that up tomorrow.

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