Friday, December 14, 2012

12/13/12 Impact

Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne: *

Garett Bischoff & Wes Brisco vs. Robbie E and Robbie T: *3/4

Jeff Hardy & James Storm vs. Aces & Eights: ***

Kenny King vs. Rob Van Dam: ***

Bully Ray vs. Jesse: *

Roode starts the show and he wants answers as to why Aces & Eights jumped him. Devon said someone offered the group a better deal. Devon won't tell Roode who it was. We might get an answer tonight, though. Hardy and Storm come down to chase A&E away.

Velvet Sky has new ring gear, a catsuit. Not bad. Velvet hits her finisher (double underhook facebuster) to get the win.

Daniels and Kaz deny any A&E involvement, saying they wouldn't have someone attack their friend (Roode).

Angle tells Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco to down some 5-Hour Energy instead of getting coffee. Another pitch for the sponsors. Match sees Brisco get isolated for a bit, hot tag to Garett. Good energy from GB. Blind tag from Brisco. Brisco with the high crossbody to Robbie T to get three. A&E guy then with a hit-and-run on the back of Angle's knee during the celebration.

Joseph Park driving a VW Bug is just hilarious on its own. He's there for wrestling school at OVW. He gets his ass handed to him. Fun.

Jesse and Bully Ray are battling tonight. Tara wants no hard feelings and offers to pick her own opponent for next Thursday's championship week. Doesn't work.

Storm/Hardy vs. A&E next. Doc and a masked guy to the ring. Storm still might be wrestling injured, but at least the shirt's off tonight. It would explain why he's done way more talking than wrestling lately. Hardy isolated. Love the crowd energy supporting Hardy. Nice tag wrestling strategy from A&E. Hot tag to Hardy. Huge house of fire here. A&E members come in and Hardy/Storm take them all out one by one. Last Call to Doc. Twist of Fate to the masked guy for three. Awesome.

Devon reveals Austin Aries is the guy who outbid Roode. Don't be surprised, fellas. It makes total sense. Aries has bad blood with Roode, Hardy, and Storm. Hogan tells Aries over the phone that HH will give him a chance to tell his side of the story later tonight. Roode's pissed.

AJ Styles speaks to the fans. He quickly tells people he's not going anywhere. AJ's tired of being the corporate guy and looking out for everyone else. From now on, he says, it'll be about AJ Styles first. he tosses the Impact Wrestling shirt to Dixie Carter and walks away. Might be a way to take time time to rest and come back with a vengeance. I don't know if that means another Styles heel turn in the future or just a face guy with a bigger attitude. No world title shots for 10 more months. Feud with Daniels and Kaz might finally be over. Should be interesting.

Daniels and Kaz celebrate that AJ has apparently left.

Kenny King says he learns more from his losses than his wins, so let's see how much he learned facing RVD in a non-title match. King being more aggressive in this match. Crowd rallies around RVD. Lots of counters and agile spots. King rolls through the RVD crossbody and gets the three with the foot on the ropes. I like King better as a heel.

Bully and Hulk in a heated exchange regarding Bully's supposed relationship with Brooke Hogan. Love the intensity they had.

Jesse and Bully next. Bully's pissed, to say the least. Extra force on the slaps tonight. Even a slap for Tara's rear. Basic Jesse offense. Bully wins it with the cutter.

Aries to the ring for his side of the story. He just wants his World Title back. Hardy basically gives him the title shot next week on Championship Thursday. Hardy fires the first shots and Aries backs off. End show.

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