Saturday, December 1, 2012

11/30/12 Superstars

Santino Marella vs. David Otunga: *3/4

Brodus Clay vs. JTG: 1/2*

Santino and Otunga start the show. Not bad here. Match got a bit of time, some good counters. Santino with the vintage hulking up. Cobra hits and Santino wins.

AJ Scandal segment from RAW, plus the Cena/Ziggler match. Thought it was one of the best matches on the show. Who else is jealous of John Cena getting to work with AJ Lee? Dammit.

Oh, Kenneth Cameron (from Ascension) got released after his latest arrest, but diva Cameron (Brodus Clay dancer) basically gets a suspension from her brush with the law? Probably due to the severity of the crimes (Kenneth had alleged battery of law enforcement officer + disorderly intoxication), but still a shame. Ascension had one of the coolest ring entrances I've seen in a long time (not counting Undertaker).

I basically bring this up just because Brodus is in action. JTG is miraculously still employed. Took less than 2 minutes for Brodus to get the win. Ugh. Someone call JTG's mama. Or Brodus' mama.

Show ends with Kane/Punk from RAW. The Shield got its hands on Kane and then Ryback.

I'm still wondering why WWE had to give Ryback yet another title match when it should be fairly clear that Punk isn't losing the title to Ryback. Punk and Rock should be a much more attractive match, given what happened at the 1000th RAW and any tweets that have resulted from the two. There's speculation that the Shield will interfere and cost Ryback again. Couldn't they have Ryback face the Shield now and use the past few weeks to give someone else a title shot? Lack of depth on main eventers may have also left WWE with no other alternative.

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