Friday, December 7, 2012

12/6/12 Impact

Devon vs. Samoa Joe (TV Title): *3/4

Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Robbie E and Robbie T: **

Kurt Angle vs. Doc: **1/2

Kenny King vs. Zema Ion vs. Kid Kash: ***

Jeff Hardy, James Storm, & AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, & Kazarian: **3/4

Roode, Daniels, and Kaz start the show. They'll be partners in a six-man tag tonight against Hardy, Storm, and Styles. Nice Fortune reference. Daniels calls Styles to the ring and AJ comes down. More words between Styles and Daniels. Styles takes Daniels down. 3-on-1 beatdown before Hardy and Storm arrive.

TV Title match again. Devon gets his title shot at a belt he never lost (he originally left TNA as the champ). Reportedly the first time Joe and Devon faced off in singles action. Real hot crowd here. Joe gets Devon in the choke. Good-looking blonde hops on the apron to distract the ref. Doc nails Joe from behind with that hammer. Devon gets three and we have a new champ. So Aces & Eights got the ladies now? Win.

Brooke Hogan on the phone. Sounds like she signed a new Knockout.

Sounds like Al Snow got attacked or something, wound up in the hospital last week. Explains his absence from the Gut Check judging.

Mickie James to the ring. Mickie says she's had a humbling year, but is back now to regain her Knockouts Title. Tara interrupts. Jesse's obviously there.

OH HI, VELVET SKY! More "welcome back" chants. Velvet says she'll be Knockouts champ in 2013. Sounds good.

Robbie E doesn't know how to work a touchscreen. Well, at least he can be a pitchman for Direct Auto Insurance. He and Robbie T against Chavo and Hernandez. Nice to see Robbie T's still been hitting the weights hard. Hot tag to Hernandez. Shoulderblock to Robbie E, then Chavo frog splash for three. Matt Morgan runs over the tag champs while Joey Ryan talks smack.

A&E celebrating in the back. Doc doesn't appear to be in a celebratory mood, though. He's got Angle next. Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff have Angle's back. But we'll see. Seen photos online of Garett being a possible A&E member. They rotate guys, so it's not set in stone yet.

Angle works on Doc's left knee, and that knee bugs Doc even when dishing out punishment of his own. Lots of German suplexes from Angle. Good counters from Doc. Doc with a chokeslam for two. Angle Slam, straps down. Ankle lock is on, but A&E charges the ring. Ref calls for the bell. Joe, Brisco, and Bischoff to the rescue. Angle says 8-man tag (with Joe, Brisco, and Bischoff) against any four A&E guys at Final Resolution.

Bully Ray wants at match against Austin Aries. Hogan says no, so Bully's threatening to take over the show.

#1 contender's match for the X-Division Title. Triple threat action. A lot of fun here. Mix of counters and aerial moves. Tower of Doom spot. Great to see even Kid Kash doing some high-flying. King wins it with the Royal Flush. Best match of the show so far.

Here's Bully to take over the show. Aries comes out and even he plans to do his own taking over. Not on Hulk Hogan's watch. Hey, Brooke called Bully by his real name (Mark). Hulk says Bully and Aries can fight at Final Resolution. Was that so hard?

6-man tag main event. Main event intros from Borash. Kaz and Daniels wearing purple pants that would look better in the 1980s. Again, a hot crowd. Hardy worked over for a few minutes, then hot tag to Styles. Storm helps clean house, but gets sent into the ring steps. Awesome reverse DDT-regular DDT combo by Styles. Storm and Styles look to disagree on something. Hardy tags himself in and Twist of Fate to Kaz gets three. Styles and Storm still not happy with the other.

A&E hits the ring and attacks Hardy. Roode paid A&E in the ol' hired gun spot. Storm returned alone (with a chair) to fend off A&E. End show.

Final Resolution predictions:
Aries probably cheating to beat Bully Ray
I'd like Kenny King to win the X-Division Title to freshen things up, but RVD might retain
Tara to retain over Mickie James
Morgan and Ryan should become the new tag champs
Aces & Eights should win in the 8-man tag
Styles should beat Daniels
Hardy likely retains over Roode

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