Thursday, December 20, 2012

12/19/12 NXT

Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso vs. Primo & Epico: **1/4

Big E Langston vs. Camacho & Aiden English: N/A (squash)

Kassius Ohno vs. Percy Watson: *1/2

Big Show vs. Bo Dallas: N/A

Tag match starts the show. Primo and Epico vs. Usos. So WWE's way of beefing up the tag division "demotes" actual tag teams. Jimmy has the sleeve tattoo on his left arm (I think). Jimmy gets the hot tag tonight. Couple of superkicks. Jey with the splash for three.

Ascension lights? O'Brian and Cameron on the Titantron for a promo. Guess this was taped before Kenneth Cameron's release.

Camacho and Aiden English get a 2-on-1 handicap match against Big E Langston. Gotta love how these NXT tapings go now that guys like Langston, Rollins, and Reigns are on the main roster. Camacho and English have to tag in and out. English gets pummeled and Camacho doesn't want in. Langston finishes English and pins him. Another squash.

Kassius Ohno and Percy Watson next. Watson still in NXT purgatory. The guy needs a new gimmick and a reason for me to want to keep watching him. Perhaps a mentor, as Regal suggested. Agility will only take you so far in WWE. Rolling elbow to the side of the neck gets the win. Ohno has words for Regal after the match.

Jim Ross interviews Seth Rollins. Rollins still enjoys being the hunted. Corey Graves comes out and puts Rollins in his submission finisher. Graves motions Ross over so Corey can make his own statement. Graves wants that NXT Title, and that stairway to the title goes straight through hell. Now Graves reminds me of a hybrid between John Cena, Jeff Hardy, and Kane. Announcers (especially that Dawson guy) need to work on that emotion on these segments.

Next week, NXT episode is a Year Review show looking at all the up-and-coming stars from RAW and Smackdown.

Big Show accepted Bo Dallas' open challenge. Talk about a giant challenge. Quite painful to watch the early beatdown. Bo gets a sleeper on Show, but Show turns it into a side slam. Show ends it with the KO punch. Bo never had a shot in this one. Ross praised Bo in this one, but frankly, all it did was make the young NXT star look like he's way in over his head. Didn't help him one bit on making me think he'll be a star. Questioning the booking there. Would have preferred another main-roster star (midcard or upper midcard) that Bo could score an upset over.

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