Thursday, December 6, 2012

12/5/12 Main Event

Kofi Kingston vs. Antonio Cesaro: **3/4

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Antonio Cesaro & Wade Barrett: ***

Cole and Miz on commentary. They immediately mention Punk's knee surgery after RAW this past Monday. Punk's unable to wrestle at the TLC PPV, and his streak will remain intact. Doubt that was ever the original plan, but let's face it: Ryback wasn't winning the title. Probably a blessing that the surgery did happen. If I were pushing someone to the moon but not wanting the title on him yet, I'd try to avoid too many losses, even if all are deemed controversial.

Hyped match for tonight is the champion vs. champion match between U.S. champ Antonio Cesaro and IC champ Kofi Kingston.

Promo from Kofi, then a replay of the Fatal Four Way highlights on RAW that had Cesaro's U.S. Title on the line. Really liked that match. Cesaro video package after that.

Cesaro promo in the ring and the singles bout gets under way. Truth on commentary to scout Cesaro for the TLC PPV. Barrett also out to scout Kofi. Cesaro works on KK's left arm. Armbar submission from Cesaro. Cesaro dominated most of the match. Great counters from both guys. KK with the comeback. Kofi about to deliver Trouble in Paradise and Barrett interferes. Ref throws the match out. Truth helps Kofi out. This leds to a tag match between the four.

Impressive that Kofi and Cesaro are still going at relatively full speed after their singles match. Heels work over Kingston. Truth with the hot tag. Crowd into it. Barrett runs interference to get his team back in control. Nice tug of war between Cesaro and Truth. Truth manages hot tag to Kofi. Great segment between Kofi and Barrett. More good stuff from Kofi and Cesaro. Little Jimmy to Barrett. Blind tag from Truth. Trouble in Paradise to Cesaro. Truth rolls the U.S. champ up for three. Great stuff. Very exciting; gotta give major props to Kofi and Cesaro for working two lengthy matches.

Kofi and Truth with short, confident promos on their PPV opponents.

nWo the Revolution is the #1 sports DVD in America. Wait, I thought this was entertainment? Sure.

We see highlights from RAW with the Punk lie detector test. Shield comes out. Team Hell No and Ryback enter. Then Ryback takes out CM Punk. Punk needed legit emergency knee surgery stemming from previous wear and tear (partially torn meniscus). Short written statement from Vince McMahon that Punk will not wrestle at the TLC PPV and now the TLC match will be a six-man tag: The Shield vs. Team Hell No and Ryback.

This match can only be won by pinfall or submission, unique because previous TLC matches were won by climbing the ladder and grabbing whatever was at stake. If WWE learned anything from the Nexus debacle, the Shield should win, perhaps with Daniel Bryan getting pinned via tandem powerbomb through a table.

Vince also mentions through his statement that Ryback will still get a WWE Title match in the future. Might not be against Punk, though....

Next week's advertised match for Main Event: Ryback vs. Alberto Del Rio.

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