Sunday, December 30, 2012

12/28/12 Smackdown

Brodus Clay vs. Primo: N/A (squash)

Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan, & Kane vs. Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, & Damien Sandow: **

Dolph Ziggler vs. Miz: **1/2

Sheamus vs. Brad Maddox: N/A

Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso vs. Titus O'Neil & Darren Young: *

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Title): **

Sheamus starts the last Smackdown of 2012. He drank eggnog-flavored ale at Christmas. Interesting. He also now has a year's supply of sunscreen...ha. Sheamus wants to be champ again in 2013, but he calls Show out now and wants another title shot. Show asks if he looks like Santa Claus. Yup -- only fatter. More bickering because Show refuses to give Sheamus another title shot. Booker comes out. He's gonna put everyone's name -- including Sheamus -- in a tumbler and the name drawn faces Show for the title. Show's pissed and promises to KO who the challenger is. Teddy and Eve both want to help out and cause a ruckus. Duh. SANTINO WINS! Well, this will likely be comical. Show got a nice laugh out of this.

Primo in singles action against Brodus. I swear Brodus' dancing lasted longer than the actual match. Brodus wins in no time. Rosa gets in the ring to speak her mind. Naomi and Cameron with a DOUBLE SUPLEX? Double split legdrop as well. Ladies are finally getting physical. More of that, please.

Santino seeking pointers from Sheamus on how to beat Big Show. Santino pulls his hamstring. Now that's a girly scream. Guess we need another person to face Show now.

Six-man tag next. Kane and DB now more on the same page. DB worked on, hot tag to Kofi. Kofi with the high crossbody on Wade, but Rhodes Scholars breaks that up. Team Hell No takes out Sandow. Disaster Kick to DB. Trouble in Paradise to Cody. Barrett Bullhammer to Kofi gets three. Nice match.

Big Show now says he should have the night off. Booker's gonna pick another competitor for Show anyway. Teddy Long brings in Ricardo Rodriguez. Show puts the belt on Ricardo's shoulder. Ricardo told to announce himself as champ. Show KOs Ricardo. Problem solved for now.

Ryder and Cesaro next. "USA" chants. Neutralizer gets Cesaro the win. Well, that closes a crappy 2012 for Ryder -- at least the second half of the year, anyway.

Miz and Ziggler next. AJ and Big E Langston accompany Ziggler. Lengthy match with several counters and big-time moves. Miz blows a kiss to AJ, so Langston storms up the ring steps as a distraction. Ziggler hits the Zigzag for three. Look for Miz and Ziggler to have great years in 2013.

Miz with more insults to AJ on the mic, so Ziggler goes back to the ring. Miz with the mic shot. Langston sprints in and nukes Miz. Good to get Langston over as a big threat.

Brad Maddox pushes Booker's buttons for one more chance. What is this, a pathetic ripoff of Christian's "one more match" shtick?

Alberto Del Rio wants to kick Show's ass. So Booker gives ADR the title shot against Big Show. ADR says the match is for Ricardo. We see a face trend from Alberto, but WWE isn't going full-on with a face turn. Could be a way to test the waters for the future. WWE wants a new Mexican babyface star, and Alberto's the ticket for that one after the injury bug continues to plague Sin Cara.

Maddox to the ring. He faces Sheamus. Oops. Maddox gets nuked in four minutes. Enough said.

Usos and Primetime Players in a short match. Usos pull the switcheroo like the Bellas used to do, and Rikishi's sons get the win. Guess you gotta do what you can to get a tag title shot these days. JoshMathews and JBL didn't bother to mention this version of twin magic.

Shield highlighted in another video package. These three have major promise.

Title match ends the show. Real notable that ADR got a good pop on his entrance and ring introduction. Main event intros from Lilian Garcia. Crowd with the "Big Show sucks" chants. Nice superkick from ADR gets two. Cross armbreaker countered. Big Show decides to walk away. Sheamus attacks Show and the ref rings the bell. Well, that was a crappy way to end that match. Show dispatches Sheamus.

Show tries to leave again. Entire Smackdown locker room comes out because Show insulted them all in a promo earlier in the show ("losers, rejects, wannabes, and nobodies"). ADR with the running enzuigiri in the corner and Sheamus with the Brogue Kick to end the show.

WWE should hold more televised events in Rochester. Great crowd all night.

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