Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12/3/12 RAW

Daniel Bryan & Kane vs. Titus O'Neil & Darren Young: *1/2

AJ Lee vs. Tamina Snuka: 1/4*

Sheamus & John Cena vs. Big Show & Dolph Ziggler: **

Damien Sandow vs. Santino Marella: *1/4

Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara: **1/2

Randy Orton vs. Brad Maddox: N/A (squash)

Antonio Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston vs. R-Truth vs. Wade Barrett (U.S. Title): ***

Team Hell No addresses the Shield and calls them out. Shield's in the crowd; they do nothing but smirk at the tag champs. Primetime Players are ready to go tonight. Shield inches closer to the ring as the match goes on. Shield distracts DB and Kane. D-Young knocks DB into Kane and gets a rollup, but DB reverses and gets three. Shield attacks the tag champs after the match. Tandem powerbomb to DB.

Sheamus is awesome when riled up and spewing random statements.

AJ Lee faces Tamina Snuka on this show. Tamins works over AJ for a couple minutes and then AJ rolls Tamina up for three. Lovely.

Punk and Heyman promo. Day #379 of Punk's title reign. Punk will pass Cena for the longest modern-era WWE Title reign (last 25 years). Heyman proclaims that Punk should be on WWE's version of Mount Rushmore. Punk basically dares people to leave or change the channel if they don't like him as champ. Enter Miz. Invitation to Punk to appear on Miz TV for a lie detector test. Miz calls Heyman a human walrus. "WALRUS" chants. Unreal. Punk relents and agrees to take the lie detector test.

Cena/Sheamus vs. Ziggler/Show. Cena tries to lift Show and Show falls on top of him. Nice to know he's doing that with the (kayfabe) torn meniscus. Sheamus with a hot tag and he takes down Show. Show spears Sheamus to turn the tide. Sheamus manages hot tag to Cena, and Cena works over Ziggler. Sheamus with White Noise to Show. Cena with AA to Ziggler for three.

Sandow is still searching for his apprentice. Another failure. "John Keats, you ignoramus!" "Ignorance is curable, but stupid is forever." You're welcome. Here comes Santino. Time for tongue twisters and conch shells! Santino misses the mic shot and Sandow gets a shot in. No cobra tonight. No top-rope headbutt, either. Sandow gets the win with the Terminus.

Ziggler calls Show a giant idiot and a poor tag partner. Ziggler wants Cena at TLC. Brad Maddox is in Vickie's office. Carson is Brad's personal cameraman for "The Brad Maddox Experience." Brad sucks up to Vickie. Vickie says he gets a contract if he wins his match tonight. Opponent to be named later.

Sin Cara and Alberto Del Rio again. Physical match. They both kick pretty hard. Both guys took ringside barricade bumps here. Unmasking tease on Sin Cara again; we saw his mouth pretty clearly here. Sin Cara with a couple of near falls, but missed the senton. ADR locks in his cross armbreaker for the submission win. Solid match.

Vince McMahon is in the building, and he has a talk with Vickie Guerrero in the ring. Cena/Ziggler pitched, and Vince likes that. We need a stipulation! Vickie says No DQ, Vince doesn't like it. Vince whispers ladder match. Vickie says they need something to fight for, and both guys aren't champions. So it's Dolph's MITB briefcase up for grabs. Score another one for Vinnie. But still, gotta love the "logic" the writers have. Ziggler coulda easily cashed in the briefcase before the PPV and the match couldn't take place. Maybe they'll come in later (if needed) to say Ziggler won't be allowed to cash it in from now until after the PPV match (if he still has it then). Guess Cena gets another shot if they want him to face Rock at Mania. If anything, it should mean a non-Cena person wins the Royal Rumble. Would they give the Rumble win to Ziggler if Dolph loses MITB?

Now what about this Punk lie detector test? Vince would like a punishment if Punk is found to be lying. Vickie stammers and comes up with Heyman vs. Ryback. Not bad, Vickie.

Brad Maddox learns his fate. He faces Orton. Ow. Squash time. Orton with a quick RKO. Shield ambushes Orton after the match. Another injustice to correct!

Kingston and Truth are teaming again to face Cesaro and Barrett. Wait, Teddy Long comes out and decides to shake things up. He makes it a Fatal Four Way for a title. Cole is back to being more the heel announcer. RAW active poll decides which title is on the line. And in no surprise, Cesaro's title is up for grabs. Could Kofi become a double champ tonight? Cesaro impressive on Truth and Kofi. Kofi leaps right into a Euro uppercut from Cesaro. Ow. Cesaro with a one-legged giant swing into a half-crab on Kingston. Awesome match here with each having a chance to legitimately win. Excellent ending. KK about to become dual champ, but Cesaro deadlifts KK into a neutralizer for three.

Lie detector test time on Miz TV. Again, if Punk is lying, Ryback gets Heyman next week. Won't be a complete Miz and Punk exchange without "your mom" jokes. Miz with the tough questions to Punk.Punk "could be lying" when answering that he thinks he could beat Ryback on his own. Miz wants to know if Punk's working with Maddox and the Shield. Before Punk answers, Shield takes out Miz. Team Hell No for the save. Numbers game in Shield's favor, but Ryback evens things up. Ryback takes Ambrose through the crowd. DB works on Rollins while Kane takes on Reigns.

Punk taunts Miz and kicks him out of the ring. Ryback is back. Shellshocked to Punk. Ryback brings a ladder in the ring. Chair shot to Punk as well. Table set up in the ring. Punk powerbombed through the table. Crowd loves it. End show. So probably no Heyman and Ryback next week, but we'll see what's up.

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