Friday, December 21, 2012

12/20/12 Impact

Devon vs. Kurt Angle (TV Title): **

Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan vs. Rob Van Dam & Kenny King: *3/4

Tara vs. Mickie James (Knockouts Title): **

Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries (World Title): ***1/2

WWE recently said no more pyros for RAW in order to cut costs. You'd think TNA woulda done something similar a while back. They can't be doing well financially with the ratings they've had. At least TNA is supposedly cutting back on PPVs.

It's Championship Thursday!

TV Title up first. Angle wants Aces & Eights, so logically he goes after Devon's title. Since the A&E faction came out as well, Angle's ready and brings his own group (Joe, Garett, Wes). Doesn't take long for all hell to break loose around ringside. Devon clips Angle's leg to take advantage. Angle Slam countered, spinebuster (which Devon has used to win a bunch of matches) only gets two. German suplexes and ankle lock applied. Too many A&E guys for Angle's posse to fend off. One guy hits Angle with a lead pipe and Devon covers Angle for three to retain.

Brooke Hogan plays daddy's role for a night to determine who faces Tara for the Knockouts Title. Between Mickie, Velvet, ODB, and Tessmacher. Brooke quickly eliminates ODB. Yeah, take care of "family" (Eric Young) first.

Tag action next. Glad to see TNA give Kenny some more screen time. I think Morgan wants in the running next year for best beard in pro wrestling. Morgan looking dominant again, with Joey playing the role of "I'll come in when the opponent who beat me in singles action is weakened." Kenny bails after seeing Morgan get in the ring. Carbon Footprint to RVD for three and Kenny never bothered to make the save. Well, at least it makes sense to have Kenny and RVD in a full-on feud now.

We see the last part of AJ Styles' speech. Kaz loves Christmas and has a surprise for Daniels later (at least that's what he implied).

Hulk Hogan to the ring. Does Hulk really think TNA has grown into a full-fledged monster? That was good for a laugh. I will at least admit TNA's product got better in terms of quality. A&E music plays. Devon says 2012 was the year Aces & Eights was born and that A&E beat the hell out of every single TNA wrestler on the roster. Devon adds A&E represents the truth. A&E revealed in 2013? Probably true. A&E surrounds the ring Nexus style. Bully Ray runs to the ring with his chain and makes the save. Staredown between Bully and Hulk, and Hulk just walks away. Bully wondering what he has to do to earn Hulk's respect.

Mickie and Velvet admit they returned at the same time and each never got a fair shot at the title. Brooke agrees that has to play out and eliminates Tessmacher.

Kaz bringing presents to the ring. Big red chair and Christmas tree in the ring. Gee, I wonder what's gonna happen...? Kaz and Daniels are collectively known as Bad Influence, just FYI. He introduces Daniels, who gets to sit in the big red chair "for now." Why? Santa Claus and his big red sack comes out, woohoo. Nice "Hug it out!" reference. Daniels gets to sit on Santa's lap! Picture time! Daniels tells Santa to give stuff to AJ Styles' kids since daddy is a "loser." James Storm comes out. Daniels says to put Storm on the "naughty" list. Storm enters the ring for a fight. Storm quizzes Santa on not getting stuff he wanted in the past, then Last Calls him. Nice segment. What's a Christmas without having Santa get his ass kicked?

Sting is coming back on the first Impact of the new year, seemingly for revenge on A&E. The VP wants new people -- smart muscle. Devon says he has a person willing to step up. Group agrees.

So who gets the Knockouts Title shot? Mickie gets the nod tonight. Doesn't take long for Jesse to interfere again. Mickie with a nice counter on the Spider Web into a hurricanrana. Physical, back-and-forth match here. Widow's Peak countered into that jumping DDT. Jesse pulls Tara out so Mickie jumps on Jesse (and a slap for good measure). Jesse again holds on to Mickie's right leg. Knee from Tara (knee brace to face) and Tara retains. Mickie's right leg bent back weird but Taz made a bigger deal out of it than it really needed to be. Basically, it didn't make the title picture any clearer. Mickie can still say she wasn't given a fair shot because of Jesse's interference. Velvet will now want her title shot and should get it soon.

Joseph Park training at OVW. Park looks pathetic until he gets bloodied by a right forearm. Woohoo Black Hole Slam! So all he needs to do is cut himself before each match. Sounds logical.

World Title match next. Borash with the main event intros. Third match in the series. Taz notes the stitches around Hardy's eye (from A&E attack). Aries to the outside and Hardy crashes on the guardrail. Aries gets cocky as he works on Hardy. Signature/finishing moves countered multiple times. Hardy especially with impressive counters on the brainbuster. Twist of Fate (stunner style) on Aries. Second one countered. Ref bump! Low blow from Aries, then a brainbuster. Aries motions for another ref. Ref comes down, but Roode pulls the ref out! Revenge from the other week. Spinebuster to Aries. Original ref is back up. Twist of Fate and Swanton get three. Great match.

Hulk Hogan says he'll clear the world title picture up in 2013 and says not to worry about the Bully Ray situation. Cur Brooke and Bully smooching! This whole kissing thing has really taken off again in 2012, huh? Hulk doesn't say anything and drives off. End show.

Good wrestling show to help close out 2012.

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