Friday, December 28, 2012

12/27/12 Impact

Samoa Joe vs. Aces & Eights masked guy: *1/4

Rob Van Dam vs. Christian York: **

Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels & Hernandez: **3/4

Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode: **

Tonight is Open Fight Night. Bully Ray starts the show and wonders what he has to do to gain Hulk Hogan's trust. Bully calls out Hulk to talk, not fight. Hulk's music plays, but Brooke Hogan eventually comes out. Brooke says Hulk isn't here and says Hulk knows about the two of them. I guess Brooke wasn't supposed to have a mic, but the fans in the arena are being left in the dark for a few minutes. Cameras at least pick up the conversation for the people at home. Awkward.

Aries out next. He says he should be the champ right now, but Roode screwed him. They're even now on the screwing-the-other department. He calls Roode out for a fight in the main event tonight.

Joe calls out the large masked Aces & Eights guy that attacked him from behind the other week. Joe chokes the masked guy to end a short match. Before the unmasking, other A&E members storm the ring. Joe with the wise move to bail.

A Bro-Off between Jesse and Robbie E?! Rob Terry must be wondering why the hell he has such a crappy sidekick/bodyguard gimmick. Rule #1: Every bro for himself. Rule #2: Everything you do must end with a "bro." So this is what TNA bathroom breaks have become? Robbie E goes first with lame dancing. Jesse's done this bodybuilding thing before. Very impressive physique. Robbie proclaiming himself the winner, but Rob Terry now goes. Rob showing the bodybuilding stuff, the dance moves, AND agility. Hey, I say Rob Terry's the winner! Priceless reaction from Robbie E, Jesse, and Tara. Rob Terry ends with "bro," so we got a winner! It was a horrible segment, but Rob Terry wins the internet.

Kenny's been doing the arrogant statements to Christian York, believing RVD will call King out. RVD calls someone out, but of course, it's York. Sounds right. Love the counters and moves York has pulled off. Experience abroad has served him well. Dreamscape (somersault splash in corner) misses. RVD really hits those split-legged moonsaults perfectly. Rolling Thunder and Five-Star get three. Good match, wish it got a lot more time.

Devon has the newest potential Aces & Eights member ready. Doc flanked by two gorgeous women. Doc approves.

Joseph Park OVW training update. Danny Davis hasn't seen any promise from Park except that one "snapping" moment. Park should just cut himself before getting in the ring. Unsanitary, but hell, it'd work.

Sting returns for vengeance next Thursday.

Daniels basically dancing to the ring. They tease the whole AJ Styles thing again, so Kaz comes out to portray AJ. Kaz with a great job of imitating Styles' accent. Tag champs Chavo and Hernandez out for a fight. Keep these two teams together for the long term, because this was great. Crowd enjoyed the physicality and athleticism. Kaz and Damiels even used the Hart Attack here. Kaz tries the Styles' springboard flying forearm and misses. Chavo hits the frog splash for three.

Devon, Doc, and VP talk with Devon's potential new recruit. Mr. Anderson with a bunch of stubble. Anderson also getting wooed with the women. Ken's gonna think about it.

Gail Kim to the ring. Gail's title reign ended with a "fluke" and she calls out Tessmacher. Tessmacher countered Gail's top-rope hurricanrana and Gail basically almost lands on her head. Tough to have to eat that bump. Speaking of eat, Tess misses the top-rope elbow and Gail hits Eat Defeat for three. Tessmacher now basically heading to the back of the line again, I suppose. Another nice match. Wishful thinking, but Gail and Tara could easily put on a heck of a title match. We're more likely to see Gail vs. the returning Velvet Sky. Yeah, I'm pegging Velvet to be the one to get the title next.

Aries and Roode close the show. Both familiar with the other's moves. Hell yes for counters. Last Chancery from Aries, crossface from Roode. Both rake the eyes to get out of the submission moves. Both still do the heel stuff of faking injuries, calling timeout, and pulling tights to gain leverage. Aries grabs a chair and Earl Hebner starts giving an earful to BOTH Roode and Aries. Roode and Aries take Hebner out. Win. Roode and Aries power struggle over the chair. Jeff Hardy's music plays. Hardy comes through the crowd. Aries chucked over the top and Twist of Fate to Roode. Match basically a no-contest. End show.

Next week on Impact (first one of 2013):

Aces & Eights vs. Angle and Joe
Sting's return
Plus we'll obviously get more on this Bully Ray/Hogan storyline

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