Friday, December 28, 2012

12/28/12 Superstars

This week's episode took a look back at what went down in 2012.

The show began with Big Show discussing his heel turn (Laurinaitis fired him and then re-hired him with that ironclad contract). Great move for Show's career, even if he's past his prime. Highlights of the Lumberjack match on RAW.

After that: Taker/HHH at WM 28. Amazing build and outstanding match. Easily one of the year's best matches. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. Absolutely priceless HBK reaction when Taker kicked out of the Sweet Chin Music/Pedigree combo.

Next: Kane and Daniel Bryan anger management segments. Team Hell No is born. And I never woulda guessed "Hug it out!" would ever be chanted in WWE. One of the best comedic video packages ever.

RAW #1000 highlights follow. And next month, RAW celebrates 20 years! Unreal. Show of course ended with a nice Punk/Cena match and Punk's eventual heel turn. I think Punk's better as a heel anyway.

Speaking of which, Punk was the WWE champ for all of 2012. His reign is now over 400 days, the longest of the so-called "modern" era. Well deserved. I think it's a mistake to keep giving Ryback title shots when we know he's not gonna be winning the championship anytime soon. Everyone's already looking to Punk and Rock at the Royal Rumble.

I'm also unsure if the Punk/Ryback title match will (or should) take place on the first RAW of 2013. WWE could easily just say Punk's still not cleared to compete until the Royal Rumble and this title match is off for now. I understand WWE needing to stack the show, but that doesn't mean they have to necessarily go through with everything advertised. No match means no need for interference or creating another fluky way to have Punk retain. No, Ryback and Rock would not be a suitable alternative. A triple threat is not OK here. Besides, I don't mind Ryback getting his title shot later in 2013 anyway.

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