Thursday, December 27, 2012

12/26/12 NXT

Tony Dawson hosted a "Best of" show here highlighting the best NXT moments this year:

Seth Rollins vs. Jinder Mahal (NXT Title Tournament Finals; heck of a match here)
Shield highlights
Bray Wyatt vignettes (and he also competed in a match that aired in July)Kassius Ohno

Heck, CM Punk cut a promo and mentioned Seth Rollins (and the Shield). Says NXT has the future stars so we should be watching them. Fact.

Big E Langston has his "five-count" thing in NXT. It hasn't mattered when on RAW -- yet. The guy can't cut a promo if his life depended on it, but at least he won't have to talk when with AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler. Great way to make an immediate impact is to go after the face of the company (Cena). Oh, and they actually say Camacho's dangerous. Gimmick-wise, Camacho hasn't shown me anything to make me think that.

And as I type all that above, Langston cuts a promo. He plans to still become NXT champion in the future. Way better mic presence than what I've seen in the past, but anything was better than the previous stuff.

Look for stars like Paige and Corey Graves to get major pushes in 2013. Paige should seriously get bumped to the main roster. I like Graves' look.

We see Cody Rhodes' injury on Main Event again.

Hey, we see a never-before-seen match from NXT, taped in July! Kane and Cody here. Just sticking with the main camera for this one. Cody has 4.3% body fat. Yeah, just rub it in while others just pack on the holiday pounds. Cross Rhodes countered, and Kane hits a chokeslam for three. Probably about *3/4 from me.

Tony Dawson promotes three matches to air next week: Seth Rollins vs. Corey Graves for the NXT Title, and Bo Dallas vs. Epico. Kassius Ohno and Leo Kruger take on Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd.

Shield interrupts with a promo to basically end the show. Ambrose and Rollins got most of the talking time. They got a New Year's resolution to bring justice to WWE and right the wrongs. I see bright futures for all Shield members. Happy New Year!

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