Thursday, March 8, 2012

3/7/12 NXT

Tamina Snuka vs. Maxine: 1/4*

Johnny Curtis vs. Yoshi Tatsu: 3/4*

Darren Young vs. Jey Uso: *

Percy Watson vs. Titus O'Neil: *1/4

Striker gets the same reaction -- if any -- each week. But it's the first week with Regal on the job making matches!

Maxine interrupts and no one cares. Sounds the same like every week. She wants to work underneath Regal! And Regal shows great appreciation! Tamina on NXT is nice, but I fear Tamina's big push could be lost. I mean, who's challenging Beth now? Kharma...who hasn't been on TV in a while? The divas title could still be defended at Mania, but any buildup won't be so good. But when was the last time a divas angle had great buildup? Not a very long match. Guess Tamina needed some air time to show she's still relevant. Not very much to look at here.

Hawkins and Reks want to be the rebels of NXT. They could do better. Regal's got janitor mops for the two. Vintage Regal ultimatum!  Aw, the mops aren't even wet!

Yoshi and Curtis go one on one. Again, the crowd doesn't care. Johnny's got a thing with lotion, but I guess we all got our own passions and fetishes (maybe). Cutting to the crowd. Oh, I'm glad to see at least one fan cares about the match! The crowd is as dead as a damn ghost town. Yoshi woke the ghosts up with chops. Yoshi missed his top rope kick and Curtis hits his finisher (suplex into powerbomb) for three. I like the finisher and it's probably something I woulda used for myself if I were a superstar. Against the smaller guys, anyway.

Rock has more Twitter followers right now than Cena. Big deal.

Aw, Kaitlyn's apparently not on the show? It's my one reason for watching! OK, maybe not, but Kaitlyn's still very attractive. Mixed tag next week. Bateman and Kaitlyn vs. Curtis and Maxine. Regal has good match ideas, but the storyline just sucks.

Usos are on the show. Only Jey is wrestling. He takes on Darren Young. Jimmy gets to do commentary and explain the Siva Tau. DY with control early before Jey makes a comeback. A pretty abrupt finish with the rollup. Again, it mostly failed to keep my attention, but at least Jey was able to connect a bit with the crowd.

Edge starring in a movie! "Bending the Rules" only in select theaters starting this Friday. At least it's not straight to DVD!

WWE reiterates Laurinaitis runs Smackdown on Friday. I'll assume he could throw Long out of the building and possibly forces Santino to put his U.S. title on the line against Swagger in a rematch.

Titus and Percy finish the show. Titus with control early and trying to tease the crowd. Good physical shots on Percy, but too many restholds for me. Vintage Percy athleticism! I don't like Percy taking his time on the comeback. He should be at least a bit quicker. Countered Clash of the Titus. Titus looks real winded. Percy hits that fireman's carry pancake finisher for three. Crowd was very mild for this one.

Reks and Hawkins jump Percy post-match. Unfortunately, the end didn't make sense for me. Why give some mild attitude against Regal at the end of the show? Reks and Hawkins need to make more of a statement, given their position with the fans. I think slower, mild attitudes work better if you've already connected.

Earlier in the show, I woulda had Reks/Hawkins take the mops, but also slap Regal in the face (at the very least). Then post-match, I'd have the two come through the crowd to attack Percy with more aggression. Regal can call for security or try to get in there, but Reks/Hawkins escape. Gotta create a buzz early and fast. Here, the crowd stayed mostly dead. I felt like I was in a movie theater and not a WWE event.

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