Friday, March 30, 2012

3/28/12 NXT

Hunico vs. Derrick Bateman: *3/4

Titus O'Neil vs. Jey Uso: *1/2

I like Hunico and Camacho shifting over to NXT. Right now, it's probably their best shot to get the most screen time. Kaitlyn has the Daisy Dukes-like short shorts tonight. I envy Bateman like no other. Dammit.

Quite a story Regal shared to explain the partnership between Hunico and Camacho. I like it. Bateman for some random reason, decided it was wise to dive on Camacho. Hunico adopts an Angle Slam for a finisher.

Maxine is still insane. And a Natalya backstage skit without the farting! Yay! By far, the best part of the entire segment was Titus and Maxine.

Only two matches tonight? Jimmy Uso and Darren Young on commentary. Regal with an indirect Rikishi reference. One too many stinkfaces for Regal, apparently. Knees up on the superfly splash. Clash of the Titus wins it.

Tamina comes out post-match to tend to Jey. Good build between Darren and Tamina.

Fairly average stuff this week. All about WM anyway.

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