Friday, March 23, 2012

3/22/12 Superstars

Primo & Epico vs. Mason Ryan & Alex Riley: *3/4

Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres vs. Tamina & Natalya: *1/4

Titus O'Neil vs. Yoshi Tatsu: *1/2

Drew McIntyre vs. Ezekiel Jackson: *3/4

Another makeshift tag team with physique and technique: Mason and A-Ry. Too much body oil, Mason. I can't stand Scott Stanford saying "man oh man!" every single damn episode. A-Ry got beat down for a good while in this one. Mason with the hot tag. I liked how Epico flailed his arms, acting helpless on that delayed vertical suplex. Nice double backstabber to end it. Typical Rosa-terference.

Tag match to show off Beth and Eve as a tag team. They'll face Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos at WM, so it's clear who's winning here. "Hoeski" chants at Eve. Natalya and Beth at the start. Remember when Nattie was a heel and they were Pinup Strong? Nattie's now all happy and playing games with Beth. I think Santino's got a bunch of influence on her. Tamina gets a...lukewarm tag. House of fire in there. Eve practically missed that moonsault. Fail. Still gets three.

WWE Hall of Fame video package. Four Horsemen, Mike Tyson, and Edge are the featured inductees, although I also read Yokozuna's going in, too. I'm sure there were others, but the names escape me right now. Ceremony on March 31.

No face paint or mask for Yoshi Tatsu. Did they just totally abandon that? So we're probably supposed to forget that whole NXT feud he had with Tyson Kidd. Lovely.

Hey, Titus made it to Superstars! Didn't he star at Florida? Too bad he can't do a Gator chomp instead of a dog bark. Pretty standard match, frankly. Titus ducks the KO kick and hits Clash of the Titus to win. Right person won here.

Another video package promoting Taker/HHH HIAC match with HBK as special ref. I'm hoping for an epic match.

Drew and Zeke in the main event. Good power moves from Zeke, very hard hitting stuff. Unfortunately, Future Shock got Zeke. Zeke's losing streak continues. He was better off as a heel anyway. Zeke is otherwise lost in the shuffle. Drew's apparent push continues. Would be a good story for him to go from "fired" to a champion.

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