Friday, March 16, 2012

3/15/12 Impact

Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky: *1/4

Crimson vs. Samoa Joe: *1/2

Gail Kim vs. Mickie James: *1/4

Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels: **

Garett Bischoff vs. Kurt Angle: -*

James Storm vs. Gunner: *3/4

James Storm starts the show off with a promo on Roode, then Bully Ray comes out. Bully Ray says to kiss his calves. How lovely. Vintage confrontation! Gunner is one of the toughest men Bully knows? What a ringing endorsement.

Gail and Madison arguing. Sting plays matchmaker. Gail vs. Mickie and Madison vs. Velvet. Sounds good.

Madison out first. No pigeons loose today, as Velvet gets the fast start on Madison. Crowd really behind Velvet here. Good moves from Madison while she was on offense, albeit a slow-paced affair. Rollup at the end. Velvet had the tights briefly, then Madison countered, held Velvet's gear, and got three.

Crimson says it's all about getting the win. I'm sure this starts a slow heel turn for Crimson; his words are getting more heelish and arrogant. Above-average pace for two big guys. Magnus and Morgan fight on the outside as Joe went for the Muscle Buster. Morgan helps Crimson get the win this week.

Aries promo, and he's got some bubbly. He's broken the record for the longest X-Division title reign. Nice accomplishment. The video was actually very well done. Aries dancing in the ring, good grief. Good heel promo, then Ion comes out. I like Ion's swagger against Aries. Jesse Sorensen reference was low, though. Bubbly to Ion's hair! Oh, his pretty hair!

Joseph Park is still around looking for brother Abyss. Gunner hightails it, smart man. Joseph is an attorney from Chicago. I'd think that info has to get woven into the bigger picture somehow.

This EY/ODB deal is bizarre, but entertaining. Props there. Married on Impact? Gee, what a novel idea! Can you just see the sarcasm oozing?

Gail and Mickie was fine. Gail attacked Mickie's knee. Good submissions from Gail as the crowd got behind Hardcore Country. Shady finish as expected.

Honestly, I haven't missed Ken Anderson on TV. Just shows the guy is replaceable if need be. Only a few guys on the TNA roster are really that special, and I'd put Daniels and AJ among the top of that short list.

Daniels got bloodied very quickly. Match was good as Kaz comes down to ringside. Kaz hops on the apron but AJ comes down to get Kaz out of the equation. Mic Check from Anderson wins it. Faces get good momentum for Sunday, which means heels probably win at Victory Road.

Angle and Garett in a five-minute match. Just brutal. Crowd looked dead, so it's quite clear that TNA pumped crowd noise into this taped show. Totally one-sided until Garett evaded Angle just enough starting with maybe 30 seconds left. Angle punches the ref and slaps the ankle lock on. Jeff Hardy makes the save. That was extremely forgettable.

Gunner got sent to the wolves against James Storm. Yeah, he got in a bunch of offense, but do you really think Gunner was winning when they want to build Storm up as a threat for Victory Road? Nice to know that Codebreaker move Storm uses is called "Closing Time."

Bully Ray teases getting in the ring. Good tease for Sunday.

Contract signing between Sting and Roode. We didn't need Borash for this, thanks. I usually don't like these segments. I mean, all it does is try to make a match just that much more important, and then allow time for promos. But screw that. Roode references 22 years ago, Sting vs. Flair. Yeah, the surfer dude Sting that had the blonde hair. Roode says Sting is another one of the veterans stealing the young guy's spotlight. Good promo from Roode.

Sting unveils the paint! Sting beats down Roode to end the show. I'd have RR retain by some shady move again at Victory Road. Easier to do when it's No Holds Barred.

Victory Road this Sunday!

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