Friday, March 30, 2012

3/30/12 Smackdown

(UPDATE: So apparently, I watched the International show on my original post. That had just WM highlights. The U.S. version had  two matches and some Axxess highlights.

Zack Ryder vs. Drew McIntyre: **1/4

Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston: **3/4

Show starts with Ryder and Drew. Sounded like Striker indirectly referenced being fired as a schoolteacher when he initially tried out for WWE. I think McIntyre has potential, but he just needs momentum and the right feuds to elevate his status. I hope he gets a run with the IC title later this year, should Cody Rhodes move to the main event picture (or if they just keep doing some rotating champion carousel dealie). Anyway, a very good match between these two. Lively crowd helps.

Taker/HHH video package. Showing the evolution of both guys (no pun intended for HHH). Taker's gonna show a bald/shaved head at Mania, and I'm sure many people in the crowd will have those WTF moments.

Women's title split down the middle by LayCool! Awesome.

Buildup for the divas tag match, thanks to Maria Menounos and "Extra." MM has a couple of cracked ribs, from what I heard, so she may not get as much time in the ring. Kelly would do the brunt of the work anyway.

Loved the shots of superstars signing autographs for the fans. Edge has SHORT hair. He looks good, I must say. Well-deserved HOF induction for him. Too bad injury cut his career short.

Punk/Jericho video package. I'd like Jericho to win here, but only if he sticks around for a good while. I'd like this feud to continue after WM. Perhaps a fluky finish here could work.

Team Johnny and Team Teddy video highlights. No-brainer for me, Johnny's team will win. Long's run as GM went stale a long time ago. I'm with others who say Otunga likely gets the win for the team.

Unfortunately, Christian is not wrestling at WM. Injury probably didn't heal in time. He'll still be there. Perhaps Christian could help run interference in the 6-on-6 match? Or even interfere during Punk/Jericho?

Big Show promo. He's fired up and ready for Cody. I think Show wins at Mania. Cody's had a lengthy reign.

DB/Sheamus video package. I love how DB's garnered such momentum as a heel. As I've said in the past, look for DB to align with Brie Bella. I would have preferred AJ turn heel, but this could work if AJ still becomes part of the divas title picture. If DB loses, he probably blames AJ for his loss, leading to a split. Also, Sheamus winning would at least boost that stat of Rumble winners going on to win the World/WWE titles.

Finally, Kofi and Jericho go at it. Another high-caliber match here. Exciting stuff, very fluid sequences. Jericho with the old Lion Tamer version of the Walls. Generally, that means it's over, and it was here.

Show closes with more Rock/Cena stuff. Cena is the choice to win here. John's the present and future of the company, while Rock is a movie actor now. No point to having Rock win...he already made his mark in WWE. Better to add to a current star's legacy.

International Show is DIFFERENT from the U.S. version!
This was really just a show meant to promote WM 28 in two days. Video packages of the big matches at WM 28, but also plenty of past matches to re-live the greatness on the Grandest Stage of Them All. Among them:

Taker/HHH from WM 27
Steamboat/Savage from WM 3 (haven't seen this a lot,but it was outstanding)
Edge/Cena/Show from WM 25 (better than I thought after watching it again)
HBK/Jericho from WM 19
Taker/Orton from WM 21
Rock/Austin from WM 19 (Rock's clearly more jacked now, thanks to his movie role)

Probably will just watch WM 28 the next day, fellas. Hope you enjoy the PPV!

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