Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3/5/12 RAW

Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger (U.S. Title): *1/4

Eve Torres vs. Alicia Fox: N/A (WTF)

Daniel Bryan & Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk & Sheamus: **3/4

Big Show vs. The Miz: N/A (squash)

Kane vs. R-Truth: 1/2*

Teddy Long is running RAW tonight in Boston (Laurinaitis runs Smackdown for Friday). Like this for the storyline.

HBK starts the show off, a fitting start on the road to WM. Loving this HIAC match with HHH and Taker. HHH comes out. HBK with a few jabs at HHH, prodding Game to spill the beans on why he took the match. HHH says he wants to end Taker for himself and HBK. I love how HBK just drops that he's the ref at the end of the segment. Very well done.

U.S. Title match. Vickie introduces Swagger, so I covered my ears pretty good. Dolph and Vickie accompany Swagger. Johnny and Otunga are at ringside as well, so it's really five on one. Can't believe Santino kicked out of the gutwrench power bomb...that used to be Swagger's main finisher before. Long comes out with Aksana, fine. But Kofi as well?! Um, sure. Laurinaitis back on the apron and Long gets him down. I love physicality with the GMs. Dolph knocks Kofi down and Santino nails Ziggler with the Cobra. Crowd loves it. ROFL, Aksana shoves Vickie down. Aksana did a move properly! Nice ankle lock from Swagger and Long shoves Laurinaitis down again. Counter by Santino and a rollup for three! Johnny tries to intervene and reverse the decision but Long throws him and Otunga out of the building. Santino is the champ, and Cole's livid. Basic, short match. Crowd was awesome.

Santino's crying?! There's no crying in WWE! OK fine, I guess there is.

Rock first taped history promo with Boston Tea Party reference. Rock's throwing Cena merchandise into the Boston Harbor. Vintage Rock here. I was laughing so hard, oh man. Possum piss! This is why there's no one in WWE history that matches this guy's promo skills. Punk is close. Jericho is also close. But Rock's just on a completely different level. The perfect mix of serious and funny. This, my friends, is entertainment.

Divas time. Kelly Kelly on commentary. Kids Choice Awards! I love that the Eve pose is back when doing the ring entrance. I think Eve should be a good heel. But really? Really? The match was literally 35 seconds, if even that. A leg sweep and a rollup? Give me a break. Just the latest installment in how Vince doesn't give a crap about divas segments. If Vince does this with Kharma when she returns, I riot.

Uh oh. Zack Ryder's back! And Zack doesn't have a wheelchair or a neck/back brace anymore! Ryder with a cane now. Anyone else catch he held it up with his crotch at the end of the promo? Just an observation. "#Broskisbeforehoeskis" probably trended worldwide.

Eve plants a big kiss on Ryder backstage. More using Zack on the horizon?

Cena empty arena promo? Huh? Good heartfelt promo. The empty arena adds to the seriousness, and I love that WWE went this route. It really highlights how Rock and Cena play polar opposites. Rock has the Attitude-era edgy, funny promos. Cena has become more serious and passionate. Cena hasn't embraced hate, at least for now, but he's still not always the smiling cartoon-character person we've seen him play for the last few years.

I'm reading how Cena could have new theme music for Mania. Might just be a rumor.

Tag match with the two world champs and the respective #1 contenders. I remain envious of Daniel Bryan. The guy gets to work a storyline with AJ. Love the chain wrestling with Punk and Jericho, perhaps a teaser of what's to come at Mania. Punk and DB with a staredown, but then Sheamus gets in the match. Good physical match. Hot tag to Punk, and he favors his back. Doesn't stop him from doing all his usual comeback moves. Check out the end. Smooth, sweet counter of a counter for three. More momentum for Jericho.

Rock history lesson #2 with Paul Revere!  Vintage flux capacitor reference! Rock's part clydesdale! Amazing how he can break into song without hestitation, eh?

Miz comes out. Nice shirt. Oops, he's facing Show. Cody with another video. What?! the WWE Restaurant in New York?! That's truly vintage! Wish I had the shot to go there. Hey, Show had hair! Show's pissed. Sucks to be Miz. Short squash. My, how Miz has fallen....

Third Rock history promo. Boston Common and Massachusetts State House. John Hancock reference. Not as funny as the other two, but it just sets up the live in-ring showdown.

As a note, I'd love to head to Boston one day. But for eating, not necessarily sightseeing. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's a great city. Just my food addiction talking.

R-Truth comes out for a match...against Kane. Nice knowing ya, Truth. Awkward spot with Kane looking like he wanted to do a low dropkick to a seated Truth, but Truth never sat up so Kane looked like he did a weird legdrop instead. Didn't matter. Orton comes out afterward. Truth holds onto Kane, allowing Orton to RKO the monster. "It's good to be back."

Rock and Cena live segment closes the show. Yeah, this is Cena's home state, so he got a real nice pop. "Fruity pebbles" chants. Jersey Shore reference! Uh oh, jabs at Rock! Miami reference! The U! Here comes Rock, and the crowd loves it. Tooth fairy chant! I think Cena got the better end of the exchange again this week.

Afterward, celebrating with some friends and family. Hey, wasn't Cena's dad "banned" from future events? There's his wife and brother-in-law. Yup, sorry ladies, he's taken.

My take on the build so far? It's been great. Rock's done his whole spiel to promote WM, but Cena's really amped the hype up. Cena has to win this one, as Rock passes the torch to the new generation of main eventers. Frankly, anything less than a four-star match would disappoint me after all this.

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