Friday, March 30, 2012

3/29/12 Impact

Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne: *1/4

Crimson vs. Matt Morgan: 3/4*

Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy: *1/4

James Storm & Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode & Bully Ray: **1/4

Hogan to announce his decision if he accepts the GM spot tonight. Yeah, he's taking it. What else is he doing? Please don't make him wrestle anymore.

Roode starts the show? Thought he would just sit at home until Lockdown. Vintage security! Crowd sounds vocal, but I don't see nearly as much activity in the crowd until Storm came out. Mall cops! Bully Ray interference. Storm wants a handicap match...him against Roode and Bully. Crazy much?

Christy Hemme announcing from the crowd? That's a good one. Do that more often!

Aw, Gail and Madison are friends again. The queen is back. Velvet has a good entrance video. Sky's the limit! Yay for a fast start. What the heck kinda "spear" was that from Velvet? Double underhook sitdown facebuster for three. Good finisher from Velvet. In Yo' Face! Velvet wants that Knockouts Title.

Footage of Hogan and Dixie talking earlier today. I don't know about you, but doesn't the camera angle seem a bit creepy? Voyeur-like? Come on. Just put the damn camera in the open and conduct it normally.

Angle gives an ultimatum to Hardy: beat Anderson tonight or no match at Lockdown. Like that would fool me or other fans?

Aries comes on out unannounced. He's got a problem with Bully Ray, like that's anything new. A-double wants to tag with Storm tonight. Good plan to ensure Roode can keep away from Storm.

Crimson and Morgan. Finally, they go at it, and we come back from commercial with the two already trading blows. Double countout. Fitting, yet still lame at the same time. Good physicality, at least.

Anderson out first, and I don't care about his entrance anymore. Hardy is next and he's got the face paint as usual. Angle costs Hardy the win. Yup.

Goes right into the premiere of the "Longnecks and Rednecks" music video. Excellent stuff, loved it.

Oh man. ODB and Eric Young picking wedding dresses and tuxes. Nice job to get the cleavage so EY can go all nutso. How many can you take on at one time? Just classic there. Screw it, ODB and EY are getting hitched in a steel cage. Brilliant!

Bischoff segment. Gunner and Garett in a steel cage at Lockdown. Garett will be there. No intimidation here, fellas.

Video package on Storm and Roode. Very good to highlight the history between the two.

Tag match finishes the wrestling portion of the show. Good tease at the start between Roode and Storm. Aries eventually gets to fight Bully. Aries does the brunt of the work, as expected. Storm with the hot tag and he goes to town on Bully. RR goes for the beer but spits it in Bully's face. Roode shoves Bully in the way of the Last Call and Storm gets three.

By the way, how the hell do you just do a passing mention that the Motor City Machine Guns are returning next week?! The best tag team left in TNA, and they just get a mere mention during the main event?! Fail.

Dixie and Hogan segment at the end. Hogan's still refusing. Here goes Sting with a bunch of faces. Morgan, Styles, Hardy, Storm, etc. Hogan and Sting want to ensure each will back the other in Hulk's tenure. Yup. Hogan's the new GM in town. Hope this leads to some good stuff.

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