Thursday, March 1, 2012

2/29/12 NXT

Titus O'Neil & Darren Young vs. Alex Riley & Percy Watson: *3/4

Michael McGillicutty vs. Tyson Kidd: ***1/4

Kaitlyn vs. Maxine: 1/4*

Yeah, this'll likely be the only Leap Year NXT we'll ever have. Historic!

See? They taped NXT in Seattle! I was hour from there. Ugh.

Percy and A-Ry teaming up? Might as well. Yet two more makeshift tag teams for the heck of storylines. Ithink A-Ry's embraced the NXT colors a bit. Not bad here. Percy shows good offense. Unfortunately, I wanted A-Ry to come back in somewhere after Percy got the hot tag.

Why are Kaitlyn, Alicia, and Gabriel in the ring? WTF is this trust tree? Crowd's bombing on the segment, and so am I. You know, this is the best acting Kaitlyn has done in her short WWE career. Kaitlyn locking lips with Bateman! Why can't I be Derrick right now? Oh, that's why. Maxine's pissed. What...Maxine and Kaitlyn was the main event for tonight? What alternate universe is this show located?

McGillicutty and Kidd. I guess Tyson must be happy to have Natalya on the same show. I liked the hammerlock counter from Tyson, very cool. ROFL. Tyson got crotched on the top and a few fans chanted "no more children!" Classic. Amazing stuff from Tyson. Check out that moonsault. Still not a fan of MM's finisher. Give him the Perfect Plex or something.

Aksana can't even play a peacekeeper role properly. At least Maxine is great playing her crazy role.

Striker's major announcement now. He sucks up to Tony Chimel. Yeah, it only took six ring announcers. Anyway, Regal's making matches. I like it. I was waiting for him to have some authoritative role again.

Did Regal just say flippity-gibbetts? WTF. Is it trending worldwide? Does this mean we'll see Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose now?

Why the hell are Curtis and Bateman on commentary? Best part was Regal saying he's open to bribes. I'm too amused with Regal, Curtis, and Bateman. This match is not keeping my attention at all. Good finisher and a nice pinning move for Kaitlyn. That saved this from being a total dud.

Future exchanges with Maxine and Regal should be interesting....

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