Thursday, March 22, 2012

3/21/12 NXT

Justin Gabriel vs. Curt Hawkins: *1/4

Darren Young vs. Jimmy Uso: *1/2

Percy Watson vs. Tyler Reks: *1/2

Tyson Kidd vs. Michael McGillicutty: **3/4

Striker's growing facial hair. Four matches tonight...thanks Regal.

I'm a big fan of Justin Gabriel. He's clearly got the in-ring moves, but now can he become a more complete wrestler with solid mic work? Pretty short, standard match here. Good slight tension between Hawkins and Regal post-match.

Tamina straightened her hair? In any event, she looks nice. Titus and Darren now act like she exists and is so freakin' awesome. What?! Usos back with Tamina? So I guess we should just forget about the last few months. Remember when Tamina and JTG were together and the Usos opposed JTG? Oh right, WWE usually doesn't give a crap about continuity.

Good physicality between Jimmy Uso and D-Young. Jey's on commentary. Jey gets off the headset to get "U-SO!" chants going, probably also because the crowd woulda been mostly dead otherwise. Decent match.

Why does Johnny Curtis have a chloroform rag? Did he steal it from the late Giant Gonzalez's old bag of foreign objects? He took out Striker with it, and Maxine is all stressed.

Regal's left alone on commentary, but not for long. Maxine out with gifts for Regal to butter up to him more. Oh crap, she's also gonna don the headset. Vintage body oils and lotion!

Percy and Reks have a match. Reks jawjacks with Regal for a little bit. Maxine's giving Regal a foot massage, then a scalp massage. Really? Really? Whatever the case, it made the match much less important, a shame because Percy's a great athlete. The crowd barely cared, though. See, look what happens when Josh Mathews leaves his post.

Anyway, it looks like Regal gained the upper hand against Hawkins and Reks this week.

Johnny Curtis is just bizarre. How the hell? Someone now has Striker and there's some note left behind? Oh, enter Kaitlyn and Bateman. Kaitlyn's smokin' hot again tonight.

And finally, the main event where we actually have a good NXT storyline. Kidd and MM go at it, building a good rivalry. I love how this can really be the next generation of when Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect went at it over 20 years ago. Their match at SummerSlam 1991 was one of my favorites back in the day.

Kidd and MM was the best match on the card, although it wouldn't be too hard to get those honors this week. Check out the last minute or so of this match. Beautiful counters. Solid, fitting finish, even if it was a rollup. I just wish the crowd was more into it. Match was very, very good.

The post-match talk from MM got me thinking...will he go after Natalya? It's supposed to be something that hurts Kidd's heart. I think it'd be a wonderful addition to the storyline. If this gets Natalya to drop the farting gimmick, let it happen. Or if WWE wants to keep that gimmick, MM might worsen that "problem," leading to an on-screen breakup of sorts? Again, this is probably the only interesting storyline NXT has, so I'm really investing a bunch of thoughts in this one.

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