Sunday, February 10, 2013

2/8/13 Smackdown

Big Show's bus pulls to the arena in Jacksonville. He then walks to the ring and gripes that he lost the title in a match he couldn't prepare for and then get assaulted in his hotel room. The usual "wah wah wah" stuff. Show then goes to Booker T and says Booker is jealous of Show's in-ring accomplishments. Enter Booker. Show accuses Booker of telling Del Rio where Show was staying. Booker says anyone can find a 7-footer in a hotel room. Still need the damn hotel info, though. Basically, Booker dodged the question. Booker "suspended" ADR, but puts Show in a match against Kane.

Cody Rhodes vs. Kofi Kingston: Mustache is still on Cody's face. Kofi on fire early on. Josh Mathews mentions that ADR is still in Jacksonville despite the suspension. JBL calls Cody "Zorro" and "Mark Spitz." Awesome. Cody counters and avoids Kofi's big moves. Cody hits the Disaster Kick and Cross Rhodes to get three. Match went about four minutes. *3/4

Daniel Bryan and Kane in the back. Gotta love how DB passively gloats about how he's in the Elimination Chamber.

We see Lesnar's nukage from the past two RAWs. First to Vince McMahon, then to Miz.

Bruno Sammartino HOF video shown again. Still surreal that HHH managed to get him to agree. Asking price was steep, but Vince OK'd everything. Read online that if Sammartino didn't get in this year, he'd never approve and accept a WWE HOF induction. Not sure how truthful that is, but given Bruno's bad blood with Vince over the years, I'd believe it.

Great Khali vs. Titus O'Neil: And now I hate my life for having to watch this match. I do like Khali's music, but still, don't make him wrestle. Teddy Long and Booker T are watching because Khali's actually a former world champion and could be in the Elimination Chamber. Please don't make that happen. Titus runs right into a Khali chop and it's over in two minutes. DUD

Mark Henry! YES! He tosses Titus into the barricade and destroys Khali. Henry then gets on the mic and reopens the Hall of Pain. He blames Booker T for not contacting him about qualifying for the elimination chamber match. So Mark Henry felt he had to destroy four guys this week to do so. Oops. Mark threatens to destroy the entire locker room. Booker comes out. Mark continues the threats. Booker says Mark's been out nine months. Who gives a crap? Booker will grant Mark a spot in the chamber if he beats Randy Orton. Yes, put Mark Henry in the chamber. Book it. Wasn't Orton gonna take time off anyway? This could be a way to do so.

Big Show wants the proper temperature in the bus, the proper steak, and an unclogged toilet. AlbertoDelRio sighting! He's not in the building so it's OK. Wonder what's gonna happen now....

Big Show vs. Kane: Booker and Teddy are watching this match to see if Kane gets to go in the chamber. Hey, Show hits the Vader Bomb this week! Show missed the second one, though. Kane tweaks his knee on the top-rope clothesline and Show hits the KO punch for three. Match probably went about five minutes (including the commercial break time). *3/4

ADR on the Titantron. He made a new friend,the guy working for Big Show! ADR made some changes to the bus. Show storms outside to see. Back tires got taken off! ADR then dumps orange paint on Show. Ricardo's driving the tow truck! Show cries. Can we not see a 7-foot giant do that, please?

So far, Orton, DB, and Rey Mysterio are in the Elimination Chamber. Three more spots to fill. With both world titles contested in singles matches, it appears there will only be one EC match for the PPV.

Jack Swagger vs. Justin Gabriel: Gabriel's got brown hair now, like it matters. Swagger is aggressive from the opening bell and looks dominant all the way through. Swagger ends it with this gutwrench power bomb and the "Patriot Act" ankle lock. Not sold on the new name for the ankle lock yet, but at least it's something. *

Fandango vignette. I'd hold off on his debut until after WM 29.

Tensai vs. Drew McIntyre: I think a face turn is what Tensai needs to pick up momentum. Pairing with Brodus Clay might look odd, but hey, it probably will sell tickets. Jinder and Heath Slater tackle Tensai about a minute in and the ref calls for the bell. Brodus comes out and the two big men dance. Why not just pull out shades for Tensai so he can "transform" into a dancing machine like Rikishi did with Too Cool? Well, I'm sure people can just skip over this one. N/A

Antonio Cesaro vs. Sin Cara: Short match again. Sin Cara with a noteworthy move, flipping onto Cesaro's shoulders and hitting a big snap powerbomb for two. Sin Cara springboards into a Cesaro Euro uppercut. Neutralizer follows and gets three. Match was about two and a half minutes. *1/4

Striker interviews Miz about what happened on Miz TV. Cesaro comes in and insults Miz so they brawl. Resume the U.S. Title chase!

RAW video package of Shield nuking Brad Maddox. Cena gets the entire WWE locker room to help make the Shield retreat. Six-man tag between Shield and Cena/Sheamus/Ryback at Elimination Chamber PPV.

Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton: Orton has trouble handling Mark. Action spills to the outside and Orton shoves the big man into the ring post. Doesn't really do much but piss Mark off. Orton still manages a clothesline, dropkick, and the hangman's DDT. Crowd all jacked up now. Mark avoids the RKO, splashes Orton in the corner, and hits the World's Strongest Slam for three at 5:30. *3/4

Mark Henry is the fourth guy to be placed in the EC match. Two guys start, and each of the four pods unlocks one superstar "at random" every four minutes.

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