Thursday, February 7, 2013

2/6/13 NXT

William Regal and Tony Dawson on commentary as usual. Starting things with an NXT Tag Team Tournament semifinal.

Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey vs. Kassius Ohno & Leo Kruger: A pretty lengthy tag team match involving four guys with amazing potential. Neville competed in Japan for five years, and that really served him well. Mat wrestling for the first few minutes. Blind tag to Kruger gets the heels the upper hand. Good job isolating Grey. Kruger misses a splash in the corner and Neville gets the hot tag. Ohno looked like he removed a mouthpiece and tossed it in Regal's direction. Grey knocks Kruger off  the apron, and Neville hits his splash again to seal the win. **

Summer Raye explains her attack on Paige last week. So now Summer's gimmick is a diva attitude with a catchphrase involving summer school. Facepalm.

Conor O'Brian vs. Mike Dalton: Squash win for Conor because he's getting his NXT Title push. Conor with a flapjack and a legdrop to get three, even though Dalton's right shoulder was still off the canvas for the first second. Conor tells the ref to count to five to send a message to Big E Langston. Might be a blessing for Conor that Kenneth Cameron got released. Ascension ring entrance had major awesomeness, though. N/A

Langston to the ring. He hits his finisher on Dalton and leaves. No words. Good, keep it that way.

Paige wants Summer Raye in a match next week. And Sasha Banks has a secret admirer. I want to see the divas match, frankly.

We see highlights from the NXT Royal Rumble tournament at Fan Fest. Bo Dallas won that to get a spot in the Royal Rumble. He beat Luke Harper, Conor O'Brian, and then Leo Kruger.

Wyatt Family vs. Bo Dallas & Michael McGillicutty: The other NXT Tag Team semifinal. Pretty basic match. Rowan let Bo slip out of a move and tag MM. Bray Wyatt interferes so the ref ejects him. Harper decks MM with the discus clothesline and Wyatt Family advances to the finals. *

Bray Wyatt wants Bo to join his family. Bo rejects the offer. Rowan and Harper lure Bo to the corner and Wyatt attacks from behind. Nice modified snap flatliner finisher from Bray. Done in a Russian leg sweep style.

Next week, the finals of the NXT Tag Title Tournament. Wyatt Family will face Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey.

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