Thursday, February 7, 2013

2/6/13 Main Event

This week's show is in Jacksonville, FL. Cole and JBL on commentary.

Cody with mustache cuts a promo. Cody demands to be in the elimination chamber match and hates the decision that you have to be a former world champ to be considered. He's been waiting six years to become world champ. The current participants have all won and lost the title and are deemed "failures." Good points. Cody wants to speak with Booker T but he's not here. Sheamus comes down and wants his match with Cody. Cody imitates Sheamus and Sheamus does his best Booker T impression. Frankly, I thought Cody won that one. Sheamus then imitates Vickie Guerrero and Vince McMahon. Watch those show up on YouTube somewhere. Finally, we get to the match.

Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes: As expected, another physical match. Cody gets nuked on the outside for a bit before hanging Sheamus on the top rope to gain the upper hand. No real innovation on moves through the first half of the match, and frankly, JBL was way more entertaining than anything else. Sheamus starts the comeback and finally things pick up. Cross Rhodes countered and Sheamus hits White Noise. Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick and it's over. Way to go, WWE. Why the hell did you have to break up Rhodes Scholars?! **

Finally after a few months, we see another Fandango vignette. Johnny Curtis got a new hairstyle.

Damien Sandow vs. Daniel Bryan: Speaking of Rhodes Scholars, Sandow is next. He thanks the WWE for their irrelevant "you suck" opinion and summons the goat face. Kane comes down about a couple minutes in and DB gets distracted. Kane sets the pyros off and Sandow hits Terminus for three. More uneasiness in the Team Hell No saga. At least one member of the former Rhodes Scholars tandem won on this show. *

Cole mentioned that WWE's YouTube channel passed 1 million subscribers. Nice. Wish my channel could get there.

Aksana and Tamina hit on Brodus. I like Tamina's sensuality, especially when it involves eating a bunch of food. Funkadactyls in their wrestling gear tonight. Food fight!

We see footage from the end of RAW when Shield finally retreated after almost the entire locker room barricaded the escape. It's still fine with me because Shield has been booked pretty well in its first three months of WWE existence.

WWE Exclusive from after RAW went off the air. Six-man tag for Elimination Chamber. Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback take on the Shield. Hoping Shield is booked to win this one. Not saying a Shield loss would send the faction to the proverbial burial plot, but it would hurt.

Naomi & Cameron vs. Tamina Snuka & Aksana: Funkdactyls getting a little more ring time lately. I've enjoyed Naomi's athleticism from her NXT days. Heels race down the ramp and attack from behind to start this one. Cole says it's an impromptu tag match, but I doubt that. Brodus on commentary. I kinda wish Alicia Fox was in the match just to lay some offense on Cameron. No Melina in WWE, though. Cameron worked over as expected, and the pace is agonizing even though Brodus gets the crowd into it. Naomi gets the hot tag and I immediately wonder again why she's not in a prominent spot contending for the Divas Title. She flies around like crazy. It's really not surprising if you watched NXT Season 3, but that means it's probably a shock to just about everyone. Seriously, the potential's been there from day one. A jumping back kick to Aksana and that's it. More Naomi! She reminds me of Kofi Kingston -- in a good way. *1/4

Brodus removes the sweatpants and JBL says Brodus is a dancing waterbed. Yup. See you next week!

If it wasn't already clear, the IC Tournament that should have already started got "canceled" because WWE now wants to set up a feud between Wade Barrett and Bo Dallas. I'm happy for Bo, but concerned that he's getting pushed too fast. Worked for a guy like Sheamus, but didn't really pan out in the long run for a guy like Drew McIntyre (now playing air guitar for a three-man "band").

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