Sunday, February 17, 2013

2/15/13 Smackdown

Big Show starts this week's episode. We again see what happened last week, when Alberto Del Rio got some help to remove the tires off Show's bus. Show says ADR has never pinned him, and he plans to take out his frustrations with a KO punch at the PPV. Chris Jericho comes out to say he's gonna win the Elimination Chamber match and possibly face Show at WM 29. He and Show go back 16 years. Booker T decides to have Jericho and Show face off tonight instead. Sounds good to me.

Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton: Orton has to use his quickness to avoid Mark's huge size advantage. Henry with the usual power moves to slow the pace down. A couple of near falls for the big man. Orton manages the hangman's DDT. RKO countered and Henry with an avalanche-like move to send Orton to the outside. Orton avoids the World's Strongest Slam and decks Henry with a chair. Ref calls for the bell but Orton doesn't care. Chair shots to Henry's back. Henry still hits the WSS on Orton. Both guys will be in the chamber on Sunday. *3/4

Mark Henry's pissed and declares the Hall of Pain open for business. He wants all the police and military troops on hand. Yay for heel Mark Henry!

Video package on the six-man tag with the Shield facing the superhero all-stars (Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback).

Tamina Snuka vs. Layla: Tamina's got a Divas Title match at the PPV against Kaitlyn, so it doesn't take a genius to figure out who's winning here. Not many divas matches or segments the past couple weeks. Layla gets tripped up on the apron, triggering thoughts about her legit knee injury that sidelined her for a while. Kaitlyn watches the match from the back. tamina with an impressive Samoan Drop and then the Superfly Splash for three. Match was probably four and a half minutes. *1/4

Footage shown of Punk getting the better of Rock on RAW.

Rock promo, so the fans get another chance to go nuts. Punk still has Rock's title. Rock says Punk merely made a trade: hold Rock's belt for six days and then receive a huge asskicking at the PPV. He calls Punk a spoiled little boy. Punk and Heyman on the Titantron via satellite. Punk reminds Rock of the new stipulations; Rock can lose the title via countout or DQ. Punk says he might just let Rock beat himself at the PPV. Rock with more of the "spoiled little boy" jabs. OK, I get it: you're a man and Punk's a spoiled little boy.

Brodus Clay & Tensai vs. 3MB: Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal representing 3MB this week for the tag match. Tensai's still the "I don't wanna dance but sure, let's tag" mentality. Then the match starts. Slater with air guitar, so Tensai with some dancing. No, I don't really want to imagine a double date involving Brodus/Naomi and Tensai/Cameron. The big guys get the win again this week in a straightforward match. JBL calls Jinder "Punjabi MC" for a nice laugh. Jinder eats a sitdown chokeslam and a Brodus splash. Over in less than three minutes. JBL wins for the Natural Disasters reference. *

OH SNAP, here's the Shield. Triple powerbomb to Brodus. Message sent.

Miz vs. Cody Rhodes: Miz's left shoulder still taped up to sell injuries suffered on RAW. Josh Mathews claims Miz will be 100% by Sunday. Simple strategy for Cody to work on the left shoulder. Miz manages to lock in the figure four and get a submission win. Little over three minutes. *

Jack Swagger vs. Zack Ryder: Poor Zack Ryder is gonna job again! Swagger avoids the Broski Boot and slams Ryder's right ankle into the ring post. Patriot Act applied and the "Real American" gets another quick win this week. Again, match took a bit over three minutes. *

Zeb Colter on the mic after the match. More of the "Real American" preaching. I love how WWE can incorporate U.S. history. Frankly, I can see someone like Bruno Sammartino getting behind such a gimmick.

Video package on how destructive the Elimination Chamber can be on a WWE Superstar.

Matt Striker finally with a "normal" interview to ADR and Ricardo. ADR admits he's never pinned Show but will still go to WM as the world champ. SI SI SI!

Big Show vs. Chris Jericho: Kudos to Chris Jericho for having multiple great free-TV matches in the last few weeks. Show is dominant from the start and even tosses Jericho over the announce table. Even when Jericho gets Show on his knees, Show explodes with a huge spear for two. Still cringe at seeing the impact of that. Jericho avoids one chokeslam but can't avoid the second. Y2J to the outside but Show tosses him back in. Show misses a huge elbow drop and Y2J Lionsault gets two. Y2J counters Show with a DDT for two. Y2J can't get the Walls of Jericho on, then walks right into a KO punch (more like a slap to the face here for max audio effect). Show gets the win. **

ADR looks on from the stage. The usual staredown. PPV is this Sunday (which is actually later today).

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