Friday, February 8, 2013

2/7/13 Impact

Aces & Eights start the show. A lot of "WHAT?" chants in the UK. Garett Bischoff doesn't give any explanation for his actions, but Wes Brisco says he did it because he waited for two years waiting for his shot and Hulk Hogan wanted him to start at the bottom. Brisco saw an opportunity and took it. Devon says the tag match later tonight is fine, because there's always an ace under their sleeve.

Tara and Jesse on full diva mode. Tara faces Tessmacher later tonight, and Jesse's banned from ringside.

Rob Van Dam vs. Kenny King vs. Zema Ion (X-Division Title): Woohoo, X-Division triple threat! Don't blink. Fun match all around with a bunch of counters. King with the Northern Lights on Ion, but RVD hits the frog splash on King. RVD then steals the pin on Ion to retain. **1/4

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are confident before their tag title match against Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero.

Highlights from British Boot Camp to try to find the next UK star for TNA wrestling.

Bruce Prichard and D'Lo Brown are shocked that Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco would stab Angle in the back and join A&E. Nope, not surprising at all.

Jesse in the ring. He's got his wrestling gear on, so expect a match. Since he's banned from ringside for the Knockouts match, he's gonna do some posing. James Storm interrupts. Storm thinks the fans want to see beer drinking and someone getting beaten up.

James Storm vs. Jesse: Three-minute formulaic match. Storm gets a bloody nose, but hits his usual signature moves. Last Call ends it. Time to drink beer! *

Austin Aries & Bobby Roode vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (Tag Team Titles): Evenly matched from the start. Aries and Roode continue their "we're on the same page but my ego gets the best of me" mentality. Champs with a nice double suplex on the challengers. Aries with the suicide dive attempt to Chavo, but misses and hits Roode. Oops. Champs work on Aries. Todd Keneley says Tenay likes the Spotted Dick (dessert in the UK, that is). Cue the jokes. Challengers finally get on the same page and isolate Chavo. Good heel tactics used, like the ol' "piss off the face tag team, ref restrains tag partner, heels do stuff behind the ref's back." Double clothesline spot leads to hot tag to Hernandez. Chavo with Three Amigos suplexes. Aries and Roode jawjack again. Roode teases leaving. Champs set up for a Border Toss-Frog Splash combo, but Roode returns and knocks Chavo off the top. Aries dropkick in the corner, RR spinebuster, and Aries 450 splash. We got new champs! **1/2

Bully and Sting are fired up for the tag match. Hulk Hogan arrives. Hulk wants the world to see he was wrong and that Bully's really a good guy. Bully says he's never a good guy, he's a bad one. He just stands up for what he believes in.

Video on AJ Styles' last few appearances on Impact last year. He's basically been taking time off, from what I know.

Miss Tessmacher vs. Tara: Non-title match. Jesse's barred from ringside, but probably doesn't matter because he might still be reeling from the superkick. Tara keeps calling out Jesse's name during the match. Never understood the whole deal of rubbing one's asscrack in someone else's face. Still scarred from seeing Rikishi do that too many times. Tara with the usual heel acts. Didn't really feel like there was a nice flow to this one. Keneley keeps referring to UK foods and it makes me hungry. Tessmacher hits her finisher for three. *1/4

Borash introduces the winner of 2013 TNA British Boot Camp: Rockstar Spud. WTF kind of name is that? Spud's a short guy for pro wrestling standards. Robbie E interrupts. Nice that Rob Terry's still with him. Robbie didn't know TNA was "hiring midgets." Taz quips about how short guys shouldn't be in the business (Taz is also a short dude, if you haven't noticed). Robbie E grows a set when hiding behind Rob Terry. Terry drops the clipboard and Spud decks Robbie E. Terry and Spud apparently love rock. Nice to see the UK countrymen get a nice pop (Terry is from Wales).

Bully and Sting are ready to go. Sting tells Bully to go literally get his game face on.

Bully Ray & Sting vs. Devon & DOC (Tables): Yup, that means Bully's wearing face paint! A brawl from the start. Just gotta put one guy through a table. Sting and Bully control at the start and Taz is pissed Hebner isn't doing anything about it. Bully even does a Stinger Splash in the corner to DOC. Sting with one of his own to Devon. Bully gets to do the diving headbutt to Devon's nuts (same thing 3-D did with their opponents as a tag team). Bully and Sting go get the tables and the crowd loves it. Devon and DOC with the double suplex to Sting, but Bully moves the table out of the way. Sting superplex to DOC but A&E guy (Mike Knox) comes in to move the table. Devon mistakenly nails Knox. Death Drop to DOC. Bully does the Hulk up thing like Hogan woulda done. Big boot to Devon and spinebuster through the table. Yup. Happy ending tonight. **1/4

During Bellator MMA, Dixie Carter made a major announcement that Jeff Hardy has re-signed with TNA, a long-term deal. Hardy's contract was otherwise expiring at the end of the month. Good move here because Hardy = ratings for TNA.

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