Thursday, February 21, 2013

2/20/13 NXT

Ha, saw a sign before the first match; one person came to see Alex Riley. Well, he has at least one big fan. Yoshi Tatsu is in the opening match and that's probably the biggest reaction he's gotten in a long time.

Bray Wyatt vs. Yoshi Tatsu: Finally seeing Bray Wyatt back in action, but I'm hearing he'll be on the "main roster" soon enough. Might as well update the WWE Universe what he has to offer in the meantime. Wyatt no-sells the chops. Wyatt with a modified flatliner and it's over in a minute. Squash! N/A

Wyatt brings his "family" in the ring (Rowan and Harper). Wyatt believes the two let him down when they lost in the tag finals last week. So Bray basically tells the two to go and beat each other up. Brotherly fighting!

So we find out the "secret admirer" for Sasha Banks. As long as it's not Khali, I probably will be cool with it. Oh, Audrey Marie comes in and knocks Sasha down. Meanie! Guess these two will have a match later. BTW, yeah, the whole "secret admirer" thing was a ruse.

Xavier Woods vs. El Local: For those that are wondering, El Local is really Ricardo Rodriguez in lucha attire. Woods really belongs in the 1970s. PBP announcing guy doesn't think Local can really fly, damn portly stereotype! Local moves well in the ring and slowed Woods down. Oh, and PBP guy, there really isn't much to the translation of "El Local." It's not like "Sin Cara." Woods with the up-tempo comeback and he wins with the tornado DDT. Decent five-minute match. *3/4

Some doc gives an update on Paige. Biceps tendinitis or AC separation. Yeah, neither sounds good.

Audrey Marie vs. Sasha Banks: At least these divas know what they're doing in the ring. Audrey Marie counters into a wheelbarrow facebuster for three. Sorta similar to a Glam Slam without the double chicken-wing part. Heck, Audrey even used Beth Phoenix's same pinning style. *

I'd just keep almost all the divas on NXT at this rate because they'll get way more time here than on any of the "main roster" shows. A feud that starts over the all-too-often-used "I'm jealous of all the attention you're getting and it should have been my time" diva-esque crap. I mean, Summer Rae just used a version of that the other week.

Speaking of Summer Rae, another backstage promo. Summer's now dubbing herself "The First Lady of NXT." Well, at least there's a nickname to work off of. Good work on the diva attitude, gonna like where this feud is going with Paige.

WM 30 will be in New Orleans next year. YES!

Tyson Kidd comes out to address the NXT Universe. He'll be sidelined until probably the end of the year with a knee injury. Huge praise for suffering that horrible knee injury and then still wrestling the next night. He will be back. Punk promo mentioned where Punk called Kidd one of the underappreciated workhorses in the company. FACT, a million times fact. Leo Kruger interrupts and threatens to further injure Tyson. Justin Gabriel with the save. Shouldn't take a genius to figure out we'll see Gabriel and Kruger face off on a future show.

Big E Langston vs. Conor O'Brian: Non-title match tonight. Conor has new music but still a neat entrance. I dunno if I would have described this match as a car crash before it starts, but that's pretty much what we got here. The comment didn't make me want to watch, and I probably shouldn't have. Langston gets the "FIVE" chant going. We get the whole "I'm more powerful than you" type of start. Langston on fire early, then he charges into the ringpost. Oops. Steel still wins that. Conor with a few restholds and a good full nelson slam. Otherwise, it was a lame match. Even I can trade blows with someone if I needed to do that spot. Ref gets in the middle and gets knocked down. Ref rings the bell and it's a double DQ. Ugh. 3/4*

Corey Graves through the crowd. He knocks Langston down from behind and takes the NXT Title. Oh lovely. What is it about stealing titles the last couple weeks? There was Punk taking Rock's title, and now Graves on Langston?

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