Friday, February 1, 2013

2/1/13 Superstars

Usos vs. Primo & Epico: Another bros vs. cousins match. Puerto Rican cousins got new music. Epico's got the cornrows again. Usos had control for most of the match. Jey gets the hot tag for the Usos. Rosa tries to distract, but didn't matter. Superkick to Epico. Big splash from Jimmy Uso and it's over. *3/4

We then see Cena's match from RAW (facing Cody Rhodes), then the promo afterward when Cena says he will face the WWE champion at WM 29. And then Cena lovers probably enjoyed the Shield coming down to nuke the Royal Rumble winner.

Next was Rock's and Punk's promos on RAW. They'll be meeting again at the Elimination Chamber PPV.

Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty: MM grounds Kofi early on. Kofi with the comeback. Trouble in Paradise ducked and Striker says MM is no average Joe. On that note, I'm still not liking that they couldn't just let the guy be Joe Hennig. Kofi with the pendulum kick to MM in the corner. MM tries to catch Kofi on the springboard but Kofi sends MM into the turnbuckle. High crossbody gets two. MM hits the saito suplex for two. SOS countered but Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise after about 4 minutes. Much more competitive than I thought it'd be. *3/4

The show ends with Heyman's performance evaluation from RAW and Brock Lesnar's return. And Vince now needs hip surgery.

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