Thursday, February 14, 2013

2/13/13 NXT (Tag Title Tournament Finals)

The NXT Tag Team Title Tournament finals conclude on this week's show! Tony Dawson and William Regal on commentary, and the tag titles are right beside them.

As Summer Rae announces the guys for the first match, Paige charges to the ring and Summer runs to the back. Paige wants to hold the show up. Dusty Rhodes tries to calm things down. Summer comes back out and basically uses Dusty as a big shield. Ref has to restrain Paige. Finally, a divas feud stirring in NXT that people can try to get excited about. Poor Axl Keegan and Mike Dalton didn't even get to wrestle on the show.

Axl Keegan vs. Mike Dalton: (No match)

Corey Graves vs. Alex Riley: Byron Saxton is now doing the announcing. Riley in control early, but the crowd appears pretty dead. Graves eventually locks in the 13th Step and Riley taps. Roughly five minutes. Average at best. *

Trainers examine Paige's left shoulder. Paige and Summer Rae will have a match next, so that shoulder should play a factor.

Summer Rae vs. Paige: Paige's left shoulder is taped up, so obvious bullseye there. Paige does what she can, but Summer hits a spinning roundhouse kick to get three. Regal's "shocked" at the victory. I'm not. Sucks that the match had to be just a couple minutes. 1/4*

Sasha Banks' secret admirer strikes again. At least it won't be Khali...right?

Interview with Tyson Kidd to air next week on NXT. Kidd's gonna be out for a while with a knee injury. Hoping he has a speedy recovery.

Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey vs. The Wyatt Family (NXT Tag Team Titles): Dusty in the ring with the tag titles. Did the beards on the Wyatt Family grow even longer over time? Typical agile team vs. big team match, which doesn't look too pretty overall. Rowan showing "inexperience" by allowing Grey anywhere near his own corner, so Neville tags in. Crowd again seems mostly dead except when some cool-looking move shows itself. Bray Wyatt gets involved behind the ref's back, but Dusty sees it and ejects Wyatt. More rest holds from Wyatt Family. Grey worn down, but he gets the hot tag to Neville anyway. Neville a house of fire. Springboard move countered with a Luke Harper big boot. Grey breaks up the pin. Rowan and Grey battle on the outside. Harper misses the discus clothesline and decks Rowan on the apron. Enzuigiri from Neville, then the corkscrew shooting star for the three. In all honesty, the match wasn't that great (seemed to drag on forever) until the hot tag. *3/4

Nice move to have Neville and Grey as the first champs. Spark some life into the tag division. Tony Dawson wants some thoughts from the tag champs but it's basically bro hugs and "we're the first NXT tag champs!" Yup.

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