Thursday, February 21, 2013

2/20/13 Main Event

Must be a slow week when this show is advertised to have Big Show air his grievances. Yeah, I went there with Show. Well, it's the big slow! But faster than several years ago, though. Cole and Miz on commentary.
 How's the shoulder, Miz?

And right off the bat, Show's going off on a rant. Show blames Booker for making him look like a joke. It's the ol' jealousy excuse. Show threatens to decimate the entire locker room because there isn't a single guy back there that can lace his boots. So the Usos come out and it's a handicap match.

Big Show vs. Usos: Well, I think we all know where this one is going. Usos won't have to tag in and out, so it's a true handicap match. Still doesn't matter. Usos double-team Show and get the giant down. Show's too much. Double chokeslam to the Usos and a double pin. *

Big Show vs. Brodus Clay: Might as well have another match. Here comes Brodus! No Tensai? Ah, the ol' "test of strength but I'll punch you in the gut instead" move. Brodus uses Show as a heavy bag for sparring practice. Brodus is tossed out of the ring and Show then works on Brodus' left arm. Brodus with two splashes in the corner but Show then kicks him in the face. Brodus splash only gets two so we really know he's doomed. Show decks Brodus with the KO punch and it's over. *

Big Show vs. Great Khali: DAMMIT. Not another Khali match. Yeah, Khali can also chop. I get it. They went to commercial, so the fans probably had more time to go to the bathroom. Khali tries the Punjabi Plunge. Show blocks it, but that big chop from Khali hits. Show rolls out of the ring again and walks around. Yup, barely sold all that. Show tossed into the steps, but then Show decks Khali with a KO punch. Khali's counted out. And that's 5+ minutes of my life I won't get back. DUD

Miz takes off his jacket and unbuttons the dress shirt. He uses his quickness to avoid Show and gets him down with a dropkick to the knee. A few more kicks later, Show bails. Much respect to Show's endurance.

Video recap from RAW where Rock unveils the new WWE Title. I still think it looks great, an improvement over the spinner bling title Cena gave us for the past few years.

We then see Vickie's "surprise" of Brad Maddox being her new assistant. Heyman might not have cared, but he faces Vince McMahon next week on RAW. Expect Brock Lesnar and HHH to return to TV.

Matt Striker interviews Brad Maddox, and again it's the technicalities on what the official job title is. Whatever. Maddox has plans for the company. Nice McMahon-Helmsley and Attitude Era references. It's the Brickie Era! Mega facepalm!!!!

Jack Swagger is WM bound. Or is he? If you haven't heard, TMZ ran a story where Swagger got arrested for DUI and marijuana possession after the Smackdown tapings on Tuesday. Really couldn't have come at a worse time for him. He has a new push, a new manager, and a new fighting spirit. Then the arrest came. But hey, now #WeedThePeople is gonna be trending worldwide on Twitter for a while!

Justin Gabriel vs. Titus O'Neil: For those wondering, Darren Young is sidelined with an injury, so Titus will be getting a few more singles matches under his belt. Titus' first two sacks in college were on Peyton Manning. Hope they weren't his only collegiate sacks. Typical match here. JG has to use the high-flying and his feet to get Titus down. Titus slows things down as a bigger man would. Titus misses the three-point stance shoulderblock in the corner. JG eventually gets the win with the 450 splash. No millions of dollars tonight. Sad face. *3/4

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