Thursday, February 28, 2013

2/27/13 NXT

Dusty Rhodes is with Bo Dallas. Yeah, remember when we thought Bo was gonna be on the main roster full-time against Wade Barrett? What happened with that? Corey Graves comes in. He hands back the NXT Title he took from Langston last week. Dusty makes a triple threat main event tonight: Bo vs. Graves vs. Conor O'Brian.

Justin Gabriel vs. Leo Kruger: Battle of South Africans tonight! Tyson Kidd also at ringside in Gabriel's corner. A bunch of chain wrestling and rest holds to start. Kruger targets JG's left arm. JG with some comeback moves. Kruger again thwarts that. Big lariat from Kruger gets two. Sunset flip powerbomb and then the 450 from JG win it. Slow start, nice finish. Kruger takes Kidd's crutches away and jabs JG with it after the match. **

Emma vs. Aksana: I still don't get this disoriented Australian dancing Emma does to the ring. Am I supposed to think it's gonna catch on like the Bushwhackers march? Emma struggles to get in the ring. OK, did she have six beers before her match? Emma somehow gets some offense in, then stumbles and hits her face on the bottom turnbuckle. She's still able to get a couple of near falls. Emma again goes all disoriented and Aksana hits an impressive spinebuster for three. This went five minutes and probably was about four minutes too long. No. I do not want to see this again. DUD

Bo Dallas has been "knocked out" in the back. This another way of saying he's not really gonna be much of a factor in NXT anymore? It's down to two guys tonight in the #1 contenders match.

Conor O'Brian vs. Corey Graves: #1 contenders match and no Bo Dallas. Conor moves decent for a guy his size and controls things early. Graves attacks Conor's left leg to set up for that 13th Step. Graves with an ankle scissors and a few shots to the knee. Conor breaks that with a body scissors and seated full nelson bombs. More rest holds from Graves. This one is a flat out snoozer right now. Conor starts the comeback again and the lights go out. SHIELD'S HERE! Ref throws the match out. *

Shield promo about how things will get better, but before that, it must get worse. No Tony, that was NOT an unbelievable match. Go watch Cena and Punk on RAW.

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