Saturday, June 30, 2012

6/29/12 Smackdown

Layla vs. AJ: 1/2*

Damien Sandow vs. Zack Ryder: *1/4

Tyson Kidd vs. Jack Swagger: *1/2

Christian & Santino Marella vs. Cody Rhodes & David Otunga: **1/4

Ryback vs. Dan Barone & Brendan Burke: N/A (Ry-squash)

Tensai vs. Justin Gabriel: 3/4*

Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler (World Heavyweight Title): ***3/4

Whoa, a divas match starts the show. AJ finally gets in-ring wrestling action. Oh, and Layla has Tiffany's old "Insatiable" entrance music now (I think she's had it all week). AJ eliminated Layla in the RAW battle royal, hence we have this match. Daniel "YESYESYES" Bryan with a ton of "YES" chants. AJ distracted, and Layla with a rollup for the win.

Dueling "YES" chants for DB and AJ, even throughout commercial. Vickie finally gets her rear out there. Talk about repeating annoying catchphrases. Basically, Vickie is the complete suckup to DB and to the Board of Directors. Oh look, AJ's the special guest ref in the WWE Title match! YESYESYES.

World Title will have participants selected by a series of qualifying matches. After all, Smackdown seems to have more of the wrestling stuff anyway. The World Title MITB match is open to anyone, while the WWE Title MITB match is only for former WWE champs. Gee, doesn't that place the WWE Title above the World Title? How lovely -- and predictable.

Zack Ryder and...Damien Sandow? This can't end well for Ryder because you don't want to kill Damien's momentum as a rising star. Sure enough, Damien with the victory. Doesn't mean he's winning MITB, but perhaps you can pencil him in as the dark horse candidate.

DB wants to speak with AJ. Kaitlyn says AJ's nowhere to be found and that the little girl's mentally unstable. Yup. And I dig the crazy chicks.

Tyson Kidd with only a mention in the ring. He faces Swagger for another MITB ladder match spot. Cole says it's a good opportunity for Kidd to break out and be out on his own, away from relying on that Hart legacy. I agree. Kidd has amazing talent, but eventually, he has to craft his own mark in WWE. Kidd will be able to do just that, pinning Swagger. Nice counter out of the ankle lock, and that Blockbuster from the top is money for Tyson. Again, I don't think Kidd will win it, but we need a guy to do some crazy aerial spots anyway.

Dolph and Vickie in the back. Vintage shouting about each wanting what they want (Dolph wants the title, Vickie wants to be permanent GM); it all culminates with a Vickie slap. Awkward tension afterward.

Tag team match next, with the members of the winning team both going to the MITB ladder match. Better match than I thought it would be. Should have expected that, since Christian was in it. Spear got three on Otunga. Santino and Christian both now in MITB. Christian for now is the likely favorite.

Daniel Bryan finds AJ. Want the doc's number for professional help? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Can I be the doctor?

Two more jobbers for Ryback where the combined weight is 353 lbs. Can't they actually get better guys for Ryback to squash? I mean, at least squash Jinder Mahal or Camacho or something. Ugh. At least I learned lately that the designer for Ryback's gear also does RVD's designs.

It's Teddy Long's turn to run RAW and Smackdown next week. First order of business: Antonio Cesaro and Aksana vs. Great Khali and Layla. Put that for Tuesday's Super Smackdown, Great American Bash Special.

MITB qualifier again. Gabriel faces Tensai. Oh man. Hard-hitting offense by Gabriel not enough. You mean Tensai will actually get a MITB shot? I've only heard negative feedback on Tensai's return, so he's doubtful to winning the whole thing.

Cody Rhodes files a "protest" in his match because he wasn't the one pinned. Maybe it'll become relevant and he gets in the ladder match somehow. He's agile enough for me to want him in there.

Triple threat title match ends the show. Action spills to the outside, where Del Rio and Ziggler team up to take out Sheamus. Then the ol' "heels turn on each other" spot allows Sheamus to do the comeback. Last half of the match was outstanding. Ziggler pushes ADR into Ricardo, then rolls up Alberto, but a beautiful Brogue Kick to Ziggler allows Sheamus to retain the title. Best match of the week. Each guy had a legit shot to win.

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