Friday, June 8, 2012

6/7/12 Superstars

Hunico vs. Yoshi Tatsu: ***1/2

Jinder Mahal vs. Alex Riley: *1/2

Jack Swagger vs. Zack Ryder: ***

The show starts with Yoshi and Hunico. Hunico with a Spanish-English heel promo. Any "USA" chants wouldn't work, though (Yoshi's from Japan). Fast-paced in the early going, and it got more crowd reaction than most of the NXT stuff. Nice aggression from Hunico here. Big kicks from Yoshi -- has to sting. A great flow to this one overall. New moves from these two guys. Yoshi even did a Michinoku Driver II (the one TAKA used in WWE). Camacho with the crucial interference after Yoshi's huge kick; it sets up Hunico's Angle Slam-like move and a senton for three. Big props here, loved it.

Jinder and A-Ry face off this week. Not bad here. A-Ry does a decent job on the comeback. Jinder with the knee and camel clutch for the submission win.

Replay of Cena humiliating Michael Cole on RAW. Yeah, I'm with Punk. I'd rather watch a kickass match (i.e. Yoshi/Hunico from earlier in the show) than some non-wrestler get doused with BBQ sauce. It's a great sauce, at least.

Swagger and Ryder in the main event. I think I'm gonna get sick of Scott Stanford saying "Man oh man!" too much. Even Swagger does that running leap to the second rope and throw the guy off the top. Thank Kurt Angle for starting that in WWE (at least to my knowledge). Another excellent match with several near falls and counters. Swagger likely countered a Rough Ryder into a power bomb for three.

Some pretty long matches on this show, at least longer than the usual free TV stuff. I like it. Solid show this week.

In related WWE news, I'm learning that AW's "All World" stable may be discontinued. It's a big blow not just for AW, but for all his "clients" (Primo, Epico, Rosa, and Mason Ryan). We should still remember that Primo and Epico have a tag title rematch they can use, but we'll see if WWE actually allows continuity on this and gives them the title shot.

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