Friday, June 1, 2012

5/31/12 Superstars

Beth Phoenix vs. Alicia Fox: *1/2

Tensai vs. Alex Riley: *

Jinder Mahal vs. Yoshi Tatsu: 1/2*

Christian vs. Drew McIntyre: ***3/4

Divas match starts the show. Less than a minute in, and they already got more crowd attention than the likes of Derrick Bateman and Percy Watson. Beth does Olympic strength training, perhaps I should get more into that. Fairly solid match here. Good job building momentum for Beth.

I seriously don't understand A-Ry's character. Sometimes, he plays a heel, other times, it's a face. I also don't know how WWE can classify Tensai's return to WWE as a flop when he's only been back for a few weeks. Tensai was also not used very well if they wanted to really build a huge force. They should have gone the Ryback route, having him squash a ton of opponents. Tensai pretty much dominated this one.

WWE had Tensai in a robe and headgear, then they made him more aggressive without that extra clothing. It's not the damn clothes. They clearly had no clue on how to book this guy. How hard is it? Feed the guy jobbers and make him look real strong.

Short match between Jinder and Yoshi. Nothing really of note here. Jinder gets another win with that camel clutch, but seriously, it doesn't mean anything if it's the same stuff over and over again (with no real push or storyline as a reward).

Christian has a Superstars match against McIntyre. What a match. Crowd wakes up, which isn't hard when Christian is in the ring. Very exciting match with multiple near falls. Drew had some very impressive counters of his own, making this one even more enjoyable. This is a match that really shows Drew's surprising strength. He doesn't have huge arms like a Mark Henry, John Cena, or Ryback, but just awesome to watch.

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