Saturday, June 9, 2012

6/8/12 Smackdown

Alberto Del Rio vs. Great Khali: 1/2*

Brodus Clay vs. Derrick Bateman: N/A (squash)

Sin Cara vs. Drew McIntyre: *1/4

Ryback vs. Tony Andriotis & Kevin Mahoney: N/A (destruction)

Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler: *3/4

Antonio Cesaro vs. Jimmy Uso: N/A (squash)

Sheamus vs. Kane: *3/4

Smackdown is from the University of South Carolina!

Alberto with his grand entrance with a promo directed at Sheamus. Ricardo comes out dressed as Sheamus and makes a fool of hjimself. Real Sheamus comes out and they brawl. Ricardo allows ADR to get several shots in, even as they battle on the stage. Refs come in a few minutes after the brawl starts. Were they all getting something to eat? Teddy Long acts on Laurinaitis' behalf tonight. Sheamus faces Kane later. ADR faces Khali now. Ugh.

Alberto is smart to attack Khali's knees. Khali gets in maybe 2-3 different moves. Just a simple match to make Alberto look strong. Nothing else really to take away here.

Teddy Long with the Funkadactyls and Funkasaurus. Brodus no longer on RAW ("to protect (Brodus) from Big Show") but they are on Smackdown now. Good move if it gives Brodus a push. Unfortunately, Vince seems set on pushing Ryback to the moon first.

Brodus in action against Derrick Bateman. More NXT guys get nuked. Ruthless aggression from Brodus, no more of this playing to the crowd during the match. Bateman is squashed. At least Brodus and the ladies all dance afterward. Next!

1000th RAW episode countdown. WCW Title defended in July 2001, Booker vs. Buff Bagwell.

Sin Cara next. Glad they got rid of that trampoline jump over the top rope. Less chance now to blow a knee out. So how do people slow Sin Cara down? Take his legs out, duh. Drew McIntyre gets a passing mention as Sin Cara's opponent. More lucha stuff from Sin Cara. Amazing finish with basically three counters on one sequence. DDT counter basically gets the win for the masked one. Otherwise, not too much offense from McIntyre.

Ryback gets to nuke two more guys! The two poor jobbers are billed from rival Clemson. OK, enough's enough. This guy better get a feud soon. Ryback's impressive. I get that. A lot of people get that. Now serve up some real opponents. And WHY do they have to get on the stupid mic? They absolutely suck cutting promos. It's probably on purpose, but still....

The announcers are horrid at playing dumb. Ryback picking up two jobbers for his finisher? Of course he's done that before! He's only done that the past several weeks!

Peep Show time? Cody is the guest but comes out before Christian. Christian basically explains the reason for his face turn. Christian wants to nuke Cody, but Ziggler comes out for his match. Ziggler has gotten excellent at selling moves; reminds me a lot of Shawn Michaels. Decent match, even though I woulda loved it to have more time. Christian looking strong heading into his IC Title match with Cody at No Way Out. That frog splash has gotten serious build as a new finisher.

Video from RAW where Cena humilates Cole at the end of the show. Very entertaining, but I want wrestling! Cole addresses the crowd, but Hornswoggle comes out dressed as Jim Ross to poke more fun at Cole.

Damien Sandow with words for Hornswoggle. Tyson Kidd to the rescue. Sandow backs off, then comes back and jumps Kidd from behind. Neckbreaker finisher and a little posing for the camera. Not bad, merely to get Sandow more heat.

Striker interviews Kane. He only cares about winning the WWE Title. AJ comes out of hiding behind one of the metal production crates. Gotta dig the crazy chicks!

Jimmy Uso faces Antonio Cesaro. Teddy Long painstakingly announces Cesaro. Squash win for Antonio, pretty much about a minute here.

Sheamus' favorite RAW moment: winning that "breakthrough battle royal" in November 2009 that ultimately propelled him to his first WWE Title win over Cena.

Sheamus/Kane closes the show. Physical match here, as expected. Sheamus and Kane do the double KO spot. Ricardo and Alberto storm the ring. Ricardo gets in first and gets nuked, so Alberto stays away. Ref throws the match out. Kane gets up to knock Sheamus down. AJ comes out?! She distracts Kane, Sheamus with a Brogue Kick. Alberto retreats. Ricardo gets a Brogue Kick. Message sent. End show.

Interesting they're staying with AJ and Kane. Haven't we been down this road before with Kane eventually having feelings for a diva? Oy....

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