Friday, June 15, 2012

6/14/12 Impact

Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin vs. Zema Ion (Ultimate X; X-Division Title): ***1/4

Devon vs. Hernandez (TV Title): **

Bound for Glory Series Gauntlet Match: **3/4

Miss Tessmacher vs. Madison Rayne: *1/4

Bobby Roode vs. Mr. Anderson (World Title): **1/4

Ultimate X is back tonight! Also, the Bound for Glory Series commences! Remember, that BFG Series is what Roode won last year and started his huge main event run.

Aries gets a full entrance and a nice pop. Chris Sabin and Zema Ion are already in the ring. Sabin with almost  an "I don't care" look on him.Very hot crowd, excellent wrestling. Aries again shows why he's the best in that  X-division, and one of the best overall on the roster. Fun match to start. With Sabin reportedly headed out the door in a couple months, TNA was unlikely to put the title on him. It's unknown to me if Ion is in the doghouse for severely injuring Sorensen several months ago, but I wouldn't be surprised. Zema hasn't been on TV much lately.

Aries with a post-match promo, saying he's not satisfied with just the X-Division Title. He wants Hulk, and he gets him. Aries wants to be the main event, the top guy in TNA. Hulk is willing to do that and book him in a match at Destination X against Bobby Roode for the World Title. One condition: Aries must give up the X-Division Title if he accepts. Hulk gives Aries one week.

I LOVE that. It's clear the fans are behind Aries, and I personally have become a fan of his in-ring work. With Roode firmly the top heel and having enjoyed a lengthy reign, it's the perfect time for someone to step up and take Roode down. Who better than a person claiming he's the greatest man who ever lived?

Joseph Park enjoys a meal with people, but they scatter when a pissed-off Bully Ray shows up. He wants Abyss. Well, this storyline will be continuing for a while. Now that we see it's possible to have "Abyss" and Joseph Park on camera at the same time, it should be interesting to see how this one progresses.

Pretty hard-hitting match between two bulls in Devon and Hernandez. Crowd again very much into it. Hernandez couldn't get the right footing for his top-rope shoulder tackle. Devon hits a spinebuster for three. Nice lengthy reign for Devon continues.

Looks like more will be revealed later in the show regarding AJ and Dixie. But first, the BFG Series starts off with a gauntlet match! 20 points to the winner. It's basically an over-the-top-rope battle royal.

Gauntlet match begins with AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy. RVD enters a few minutes later. Magnus enters during the commercial, then Bully Ray comes down after commercial. Angle's the next guy in. Hey, D'Angelo Dinero is back from filming movies! Bully eliminates Hardy for the first elimination. "Abyss" comes from under the ring and eliminates Bully. Pope basically eliminates RVD. Robbie E and Daniels enter the gauntlet next. AJ accidentally kicks Angle, and Daniels eliminates AJ and then Angle. Here comes Samoa Joe next. Robbie E is gone. Joe and Magnus working as a team, but not for long. Joe with a low bridge to eliminate his tag partner. James Storm is the next guy in and quickly dispatches Pope and Daniels. Now just Joe and Storm. Nice sequence, Last Call superkick nets Storm 20 points.

There is also a 12th guy for the BFG series, and it'll basically be the loser of the Roode/Anderson title match later tonight. Storm with a great promo after the match. He's on a mission now to regain the title and he would love to take down Roode as a bonus.

Angle with a pep talk for AJ to get focused. Nope, AJ will still be all messed up with this Dixie stuff. Guaranteed.

Knockouts time with Tessmacher and Rayne. Not bad here. Tessmacher with another finisher, almost a stationary discus clothesline of sorts for three. Gail Kim turns down being part of Open Fight Night for the Knockouts Title and wants her one-on-one rematch, but apparently now Brooke Hogan gets to decide when that rematch happens. Gail gets a vacation (a.k.a. probably honeymoon with Robert Irvine).

Main event intros for the world title match. Anderson works on Roode's right arm. Roode later attacks Anderson's neck. Anderson caught in the crossface for a long time and had to tap. Convincing win for Roode.

Looks like we'll actually get more stuff on AJ and Dixie next week. They will apparently come clean with all this hubbub. Meanwhile, Open Fight Night also includes BFG series matches. Also, Gut Check returns. Can we actually have a guy who is ready for the main roster?

Sting promo closes the show. During his humble promo, then he gets jumped by three large masked guys with vests and jeans. End show. Awesome cliffhanger. I'm certainly interested as to what's up.

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