Thursday, June 28, 2012

6/27/12 NXT

Seth Rollins vs. Jiro: 1/4*

Jinder Mahal vs. Jason Jordan: DUD

Leo Kruger vs. Aiden English: N/A (squash)

Conor O'Brian & Kenneth Cameron vs. Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso: *1/4

Richie Steamboat vs. Rick Victor: *1/4

Antonio Cesaro vs. Dante Dash: N/A (squash)

Derrick Bateman vs. Johnny Curtis: *1/2

Byron Saxton on color this week, alongside the awesome play-by-play of Jim Ross.

Seth Rollins starts the show off, and I swear, he has the old CM Punk look and acts in a crazier way. He's one of the guys being hyped in video packages, so he's probably going over here. Rollins faces a Japanese jobber. Lots of chops. Rollins' finisher is basically stomping the guy in the back and the guy falls to the canvas. Blackout is the name. A little bonus rating for all those chops and kicks (otherwise, I'd just give it an N/A and move on).

I'd like to say that's at least a way to keep the "Tyler Black" name alive. I hope he still performs that Phoenix Splash and God's Last Gift in future matches.

Mediocre promo from Rollins after the match. Awkward moment on the stage between him and Jinder.

Promo from Jinder, but seems like Jason Jordan is the one to showcase here, since JJ is the newbie on TV. Jordan didn't wrestle last week because Sandow refused to compete. Jinder takes control early on and thwarts any Jordan offense. Camel Clutch wins it. So much for my theory. Not the best way to debut for Jordan. Crowd largely didn't care.

Video package on Leo Kruger. He's billed from South Africa, apparently treated like a god there, and an alpha male lion. Sounds like a heel persona to me. He's got some great moves, can't wait to see this next. Nice fanfare entrance music. Aiden English to job tonight, it appears. Basic stuff, Kruger finishes the job with a sleeper/choke and body scissors.

Richie Steamboat video package again. Looking forward to his NXT debut.

Usos relegated to NXT again. Oh, now William Regal is on color. Nice way to edit the episode and change color guys out of nowhere (sarcasm). They job to The Ascension, who I think has the coolest entrance this side of the Undertaker. Don't try to headbutt Samoans. Jim Ross with a great line: "a revolving door of disaster" in the corner. The NXT Universe is much smaller, unfortunately. Jimmy Uso with the hot tag, so at least it's not a total squash. Downcast (facebuster into a one-man flapjack) is the Ascension finisher getting three.

Saxton back on color for Richie Steamboat's NXT debut. Generic rock music entrance. Richie's got his father's arm drags perfected. Oh look, Ricky's conveniently in the front row! Match seemed to take forever; a lot of basic moves here. Double elbows in the corner like Matt Morgan did in TNA. Slingblade is Steamboat's finisher. Versatile, but I have a hard time believing that for a finisher. Then again, Ricky Steamboat "only" had a crossbody for a finisher, so we'll see how this one goes. Not bad here.

Antonio Cesaro video package. Aksana still with Antonio, so that hasn't changed. Dante Dash will job tonight. Impressive deadlift gutwrench from Antonio. Lots of physicality from AC. AC's finisher is called the Neutralizer. Thank you, J.R.

Bray Wyatt video again. His speeches remind me of Dusty Rhodes. When working dark matches, Wyatt played a heel. We'll see what his TV persona is like. He's still billed as "coming soon," so WWE apparently is investing highly on him.

Curtis and Bateman main event this show. Weird hit-and-run start from Curtis. Curtis targets Bateman's left knee. Bateman sold respectably well. Bateman with the short comeback and his modified DDT for the win. Ross says it's called the "DBD."

This was a largely forgettable show. Mostly debuts with squash matches, not much crowd excitement. Next week, Ross said NXT female competitors debut, as well as Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero).

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