Thursday, June 14, 2012

6/13/12 NXT (Season 5 Finale)

Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks vs. Percy Watson & Derrick Bateman: **

Kaitlyn vs. Natalya: 3/4*

Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso vs. Johnny Curtis & Michael McGillicutty: **

FINALLY, this is the last episode of Season 5! Starting next week, new taped episodes will air from Full Sail University and highlight more of Florida Championship Wrestling's talent. FCW is WWE's version of the minor leagues. From what I read, four episodes have already been taped. Now we'll have fresh faces to look at. Thank God.

Hawkins and Reks are wearing "People Power" shirts. Dynamic Dudes reference from Regal, since Laurinaitis was one half of that Dynamic Dudes tag team back in the day. Good tag match here. Both Bateman and Watson showed their agility. Hawkins with a kick, Reks with his power finisher for three. There are only so many tag teams to pay tribute to, so that whole deal from Hawkins and Reks may get old quickly. I'd just stick with the Dynamic Dudes stuff so they'd be in Laurinaitis' good graces for a tag title shot.

Teaser airs for the all-new NXT Season 6, starting next week. As stated above, new faces and a fresh look for this show. If it means we see guys like Bo Rotundo, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, etc., then hell yes. I'm willing to give new people a shot to shine. Looks like a good mix of men and women are finally getting more national exposure.

Footage of Cena and Show brawling at the end of RAW, plus Show's whiffed WMD on Vince. Again, at least it looked better on the second (replay) camera angle.

Divas match between Kaitlyn and Natalya, two of the "power" divas (although Nattie also has the technical skills). Great submissions again from Natalya. Heel tactics from the Canadian at times, getting frustrated. Kaitlyn reverses a rollup and gets three. Nattie's better as a heel, in my book. Pinup Strong with Beth was a great way to get heel heat. Why did they stop that momentum?

New NXT Season 6 people are mentioned. Among them is Bo Dallas, a.k.a. Bo Rotundo. I watched his FCW match against Seth Rollins the other week, and it was fantastic. Very much looking forward to his NXT debut.

Another NXT rookie is Richie Steamboat, son of Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. Again, son of a legend. Haven't seen him in action yet, but the video package of him looks great. He does look like his dad a bit.

Main event tag match closes the show. Usos take control early on, as expected. Heels work on the leg of one of the Usos (probably Jey). Just a beatdown for several minutes. Jimmy finally with the hot tag. Good stuff after that tag, a few superkicks from the Usos. Big top-rope splash gives the Usos the final victory of the season.

I guess all this "old" NXT talent now gets moved to RAW or Smackdown? Can't wait to see the new crop of talent debut next week!

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